What next for Hamish and Andy?

After their last Gap Year episode scored a million viewers, what's next for Hamish and Andy?

FavelaAfter their last Gap Year episode scored a million viewers, what’s next for Hamish and Andy?

Tuesday’s episode brought to a close their deal with Nine, speculated by media to be worth a whopping $17m (including production costs and staff) when signed in 2011.

That deal was on the back of their stellar Austereo run where they enjoyed remarkable ratings, but the industry has undergone some lean cuts since then.

While they still enjoy a radio presence, a source tells the Herald Sun they may very well take a year off television to consider their next options.

Having enjoyed earlier specials with TEN, they are also known to be well-regarded by Seven’s Tim Worner. The boys had early TV forays with Seven and community television.

But could they be ready to settle down in a studio once again? There’s a real dearth of Live variety on our screens.

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  1. I’d be keen for them to try out a talk show-cross-variety show. Australian TV is dying out for something like that on our screens at the moment.

    Their first Gap Year did seem to try it, but I think the format was all wrong for it. If they got Roving to produce it, it’d have a decent shot at succeeding.

  2. The first gap year series a few years ago was more of a studio based show with guests, performances etc. The quality and the ratings weren’t as strong as the subsequent seasons which focussed more on their comedic segments – what they do best.

  3. 7 made Big Bite and it established Andrew O’Keefe, Hamish and Andy and Chirs Lilley.
    Imagine if 7 had of kept hold of Lilley and Hamish and Andy.

    That’s why you make the comedy shows that might not always fire with new people in them.

  4. I could have sworn that I read an article on this site a few months ago which said that they were developing a game show format with Nine? I can’t find it now, pretty sure it included some sort of interview with Hamish?

  5. I would be happy for them to take an extended break from tv, maybe 10 or 20 years. Alternatively a gap year in the middle east would be good for them, taking in ISIS and other hotspots in the region….just a thought

  6. the first 3 seasons of gap year were good for 1 or 2 eps but then got boring. south america was the only one i found consistently funny and entertaining. they haven’t run out of continents yet. id sign for one more year. do an african gap year and 1-off antarctica special.

  7. Stay on Nine buys. Seven will have you on Dancing with the Stars.
    Next series they need to be less ‘Jackass’ more themselves. Didnt enjoy this as much as earlier series.
    Maybe they could do a live tonight style show with filmed travel scene…the best of both worlds.

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