Wildcard throws X Factor a lifeline

2014-08-05_2356Four acts eliminated in The X Factor have been thrown a lifeline in the show’s first Wildcard “twist.”

Four eliminated acts, chosen by their mentors, are up for voting by viewers, with one to be selected in Sunday’s first Live show.

The four acts are:
Jesse Teinaki, 22, TAS
Alice Bottomley, 24, VIC
Ryan Imlach, 27, VIC
Brothers 3, NSW – Shardyn, 18/Tayzin, 17/Makirum, 16

The trio act is likely to be front runner for another chance, despite being told by Dannii Minogue that there were no acts like them in the charts (so much for individuality?).

Top 12 finalists are:

Under 25 Males:
Dean Ray, 22, VIC
Tee, 24, NSW
Adrien Nookadu, 17, NSW

Under 25 Females:
Sydnee Carter, 16, WA
Caitlyn Shadbolt, 18, QLD
Marlisa Punzalan, 14, NSW

Over 25s:
Jason Heerah, 31, VIC
Reigan Derry, 25, NSW
Rochelle Pitt, 41, QLD

Trill – Jessica Jade, 15, NSW/Angel Tairua, 14, NSW/Sheralyn Hill, 15, VIC
Boy Band – Harry Targett, 16, WA/Joel Watson, 16, VIC/Ellis Hall, 16, NSW
Girl Group – Serenity, 18, VIC/Tahnie Cristini, 19, NSW/Chaska Halliday, 17, NSW/Nada-Leigh Nasser 21, NSW

6.30pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. Disappointed in 2 things. First off i thought the wildcard would follow the UK and bring us a 5th judge with a mixed group of the final 4 who missed out.

    Secondly i can’t believe Ronan chose Caitlyn over Alice and Dannii choosing BoyBand over Brothers3 (when comparing the 2 male groups). The way she said there is no one like you in the charts line bugs me so much. That is the point of The X Factor isn’t it? To find that next big unique thing? I can’t wait for the live shows though because there is so much talent this year.

  2. I was disappointed with some of the top 12, Tee doesn’t impress me either, Rochelle to me screams more than sings, not my type of music and think brothers 3 should definitely have been chosen, at least they are something different.

  3. I thought the boy band was the worst of the groups. Tee doesn’t impress me, and he’s a big cry baby!

    So far, I love, love, love… Trill and Brothers 3.

  4. To be honest, the girl group actually was quite good together compared with Paris Inc.
    With the boy group, there is a market for them and less of a risk than Brothers3, which is why they were picked but not that I liked the decision though.

  5. I’d feel ripped off if I was Brothers 3 or Paris Inc considering the boy band and the girl group are just clones of them.Why would a group bother to audition when it’s almost certain the judges are going to create some at bootcamp and put them through. Funny thing is I thought the groups was one of the strongest categories this year and didn’t need any created ones where in past years they have been warranted.

  6. Too many “pretty” people this year… When Dannii said that Jal Joshua was a “star” and for Nat not to pick him over a few less than stellar performances brought into question how much the judges are made to listen to the little producers in their ears.

  7. It really annoys me the way that the groups the judges put together from the rejected contestants automatically get through. The other groups were way better but have no chance because 2/3 positions already taken by them! And yes, One Direction did amazing things (well, made a lot of money) but they are the only success – they mentioned that the group they put together last year have already split!!

  8. Can’t believe natalie kicked out James and didn’t even give him the wildcard, and Ronan kicked out Chanel. The 2 strongest acts in the competition are gone, I’m not very excited over that top 12.

    Dannii often uses ‘no one like you in the charts’ as a criticism, it should be a compliment.

  9. I would like to see Ryan make it out of the 4 there.

    I really enjoyed the top 12 they selected this year, IMO the judges all made the right moves.

  10. I am not an avid X Factor viewer but I have noticed that Seven seems to have ruined the suspense this year by heavily featuring too many of the final 12 in their 9early promos.
    When it comes down to 2 people getting one place & one has been in high rotation ads for months guess who will get the spot.
    I have only needed to watch during ads breaks on MC & The Block because of this. Telegraphing the final outcome might just be costing Seven viewers.

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