Airdate: Sellout

2014-09-14_20057TWO’s new “game show first” Sell Out begins on Monday in the off-Broadway time of 11:30am weekdays.

The branded-game show, hosted by the affable Michael Pope, allows for viewers to buy the prizes that are on offer to contestants, at reduced prices. Presumably the show pays for itself in this way, but I suspect that kind of pitch will go one of two ways and rack up sales or not very many at all. I guess TVSN and Shopping Channels have the inside info on those kinds of stats.

In an Australian Game Show first, Sell Out offers both viewers and contestants the chance to win! Combining trivia and action-packed games, players compete against each other for prizes and cash, while at-home viewers have the chance to buy the prizes for a fraction of the price!

11:30am Monday September 22nd 7TWO


  1. I’d rather Four In A Bed which is currently in that 11.30 timeslot (although it’s in repeats at the moment)

    Hopefully Seven/7Two has some new Four In A Bed episodes coming soon. Great show!

  2. @tomothyd – but it’s 50% off for a limited time only! And if you order now you get a free gift plus a thirty day satisfaction guarantee (which will start from the moment you order rather than when you receive the product six weeks later!).

  3. @tomothyd – somehow, I suspect that you’re not in this show’s target demographic. I bet you didn’t phone in to Up Late with Hotdogs either. 🙂

  4. I don’t see how people winning prizes will automatically make viewers want to purchase the same item, discounted or not. I’d first be wanting to read consumer reviews online and make an informed decision.

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