Axed: The Time of our Lives

Updated: ABC says "We are in the enviable position of having a rich slate of successful local drama" as it confirms the end of ensemble drama.

2014-09-04_2357ABC’s The Time of Our Lives is the latest drama to fall victim to television’s axe, not proceeding to a third season.

Shane Jacobson, who plays Luce Tivoli, tweeted the news yesterday:

The ensemble drama, which featured Claudia Karvan, William McInnes, Justine Clarke, Stephen Curry, Michelle Vergara Moore, Tony Barry and Sue Jones was critically acclaimed. The contemporary drama by producers Amanda Higgs and Judi McCrossin which looked at modern family life was also a winner at the AACTA Awards and a Logie nominee.

Season Two ratings hovered around the 600,000 mark in Overnight ratings, lower than the first season which was often above 700,000. But of course in Timeshifted ratings, it regularly scored another 160,000, while iview numbers are counted separately.

It’s proving to be a tough year for Drama fans with Seven already having axed A Place to Call Home, igniting a viewer backlash and online petitions.

TEN is yet to confirm new seasons for both Offspring, which it says it wants to return, and Puberty Blues.

Updated: In a statement Brendan Dahill, Head of Programming, ABC Television said:

We don’t normally get drawn into discussions about which shows will be returning until all of our locally commissioned and produced dramas have been to air and the last of our locally produced dramas (The Code) is due to start transmission in a few weeks time.

We are in the enviable position of having a rich slate of successful local drama.  Sadly with finite funding levels not all of them can return.  The Time of Our Lives has been a fresh and important drama. However, we’ve decided it won’t be returning in 2015.  We would like to thank the producers Judi McCrossin and Amanda Higgs as well as the stellar cast for all of their hard work over the last 2 years. 

Over the next few weeks we will be deciding officially which shows we can progress into 2015 and they will be announced alongside our new drama at our Up Fronts. 


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  1. As disappointing as it is that the ABC seem to want to fund news over drama, and as good as this show was in its first season, I have to admit it didn’t do itself any favours in series 2. The writers invested way too heavily in the “Luce’s concert” storyline which really wasn’t that interesting, at the expense of developing some of the other characters more. What made it particularly laughable was that we watched episode after episode of Luce and his mate rehearsing, then the concert comes around and all of a sudden there’s a band on stage who know all the arrangements! Where did they come from?? I liked the characters but the show really wasn’t going anywhere by the end.

  2. This is a stupid decision. TTOOL was one of the best shows on television. Does anyone care about what the viewers want!! We watched this show from the beginning. Give it another go ABC. The acting was fantastic. This is soooooo disappointing

  3. This is the worst thing to happen since Carmody was hit in the head with a coke can. I just can’t understand how so many lacklustre and pedestrian outings prove to be such ratings winners whilst this understated gem goes unappreciated.

  4. You’ve got to be kidding. One of the best shows on TV. Quality writing and brilliant actors. Thank heavens they ended it well as others have mentioned. Writers probably new budget cuts were coming and hedged their bets.

  5. The ratings might have killed off Time Of Our Lives. It struggled to get over 600,000 viewers in that Thursday night timeslot, whereas Janet King earlier in the year was getting audiences of over 800,000 nationally.

  6. @Pallymite – not sure how likely Janet King will get renewed now. I had high hopes but now my hopes are going rapidly downhill :(. I would love both shows to come back.

    Has it been confirmed Puberty Blues is not returning? I thought they hadn’t made a decision yet. Got to feel bad for the talented Claudia Karvan. Would be tough losing two jobs.

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