BBC to remake Danger Mouse

80s spy hero is set to make a TV comeback.

2014-09-20_0049UK animated series Danger Mouse is getting a remake.

The original series ran from 1981 to 1992, with David Jason voicing the title role, loosely based on James Bond.

Alexander Armstrong will voice the new hero for the new series, set to premiere in 2015. He will be joined by Kevin Eldon, Dave Lamb, Shauna MacDonald and Morwenna Banks.

The re-imagining follows the misadventures of the heroic Danger Mouse who returns in style to save a world teetering on the edge of disaster. Bursting with boundless confidence the show’s hero is still as cool as ever as he attempts to overthrow a host of villainous enemies with the help of hapless hamster Penfold.”

“As a lifelong fan of Danger Mouse I was ecstatic just to know that the show was coming back. To be actually involved with the reboot and to be taking DM out to a whole new generation is about as close to a dream job as you could wish for,” said Armstrong.

Cheryl Taylor, Controller of CBBC, said: “We’re all genuinely bowled over to have Kevin and Alexander on board as Penfold and the mighty DM himself. They are both funny and fabulously talented performers and along with well-loved CBBC favourite, Dave Lamb, will ensure that the series’ considerable comedy credentials are bestowed on a new generation of fans.”

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  1. On one hand i think this is way cool, because i loved Danger Mouse as a kid.
    On the other hand, look what they’ve done to Thomas the tank, Fireman Sam and Banana in Pjs. Ruined with crappy Computer animation.

  2. Penfold: “Cor DM, what was wrong with our original version?”
    DM: “Don’t worry, Penfold, it sound like just another lame attempt to take over the world by Baron Greenback. This time I think he may be working together with Count Duckula to take control one TV Station at a time!”
    Penfold: “Crumbs Chief”
    DM: “Just another day for us, Penfold”
    Penfold: “All I can say is it had better be a damn good reboot, DM!”

  3. The original Danger Mouse was voiced by David Jason not Patrick McGoohan.

    I am guessing the confusion is due to the fact that McGoohan had played Danger Man which was a significant influence on Danger Mouse.

    Hey I can understand this mix up between Man and Mouse and I remember when I tried to explain to a classmate when I was at high school about Danger Man, this person made fun out of it by bringing up Danger Mouse instead!

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