Big Bother as Tim Dormer re-enters reality series

2014-09-20_0213Well this idea just reeks of desperation.

2013 Big Brother winner Tim Dormer will enter the house tomorrow and it’s not clear how long he will stay.

Dormer told News Corp producers phoned him yesterday “asking if I had plans for the weekend” and he got on a plane to the Gold Coast.

“We’re going to play (my length of stay) by ear. Who knows — maybe they’ll all hate me and vote me out.”

He will also be Head of the House and assigned a series of tasks including telling the housemates they will no longer be pairs after the first eviction (no surprises there, it was bound to go sooner or later like a Survivor merge).

But inserting Dormer in the house is a bad idea this early in the series. The show isn’t even 2 weeks old yet.

It sounds like Producers don’t have faith in the current cast. They should be allowed to create their own season, not live in the shadow of another. We need to be peeling back the layers of their personalities not shifting focus to someone who we already know.

Dormer is also going in with the full knowledge of how housemates are perceived on the outside.

He also knows one of the contestants, Jake, a former housemate.

If he went in overnight mid-season maybe it could be likened to a celebrity visit. But this is way too early to be propping up storylines with a personality as big as Dormer.


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