Bumped: The Amazing Race: Aus v NZ finale

Heads up Amazing Race fans, the show will wrap on Thursday night next week.

2014-08-19_2312Heads up Amazing Race fans, the show will wrap on Thursday night next week, due to the Brownlow Medal screening on Monday night.

It airs at 9pm Thursday September 25th.

In the final leg of this race around the world, the final three teams battle it out in the air, on land and at sea. Teams head to the final pit stop near the 12 Apostles on the Victorian coast for their last chance to win $250,000. Hosted by Grant Bowler.

NB: Brownlow Medal will air on 7mate in Sydney and Brisbane.


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  1. It has to be said that this has been hands down the worst iteration of the format to date. The overly produced, over used interviews completely killed the flow of the show and dumbed it down beyond belief. The terrible casting and pointless racial devision relegated it to the truly awful category. I think someone at channel 7 realised how bad it was straight off the bat, saw it as unfixable so relegated it to a bad time slot. The only thing successful about this is the killing of the format…just like The Mole.

  2. The problem isn’t so much the timeslot as it is the season itself – Seven burned up a lot of the goodwill the first two seasons had generated by replacing the producers as publicly as they did, and then the season itself really hasn’t been good enough to justify sticking with it. Shame.

  3. I’m a big fan of the show and was disappointed by the misfiring start of this season, but as it’s gone on, it has matched the excellence of the previous seasons. But it wasn’t given a fair go by 7’s scheduling department. I hope it returns for a 4th crack.

  4. This show is fantastic. I have seen every episode of this season.

    The promos of Ashleigh and Jarrod saying ‘bloody kiwis’ and ‘bloody baboon’ made me chuckle, from there I checked out the first ep and was hooked.

    Seven aired this show this year in the same timeslot that it aired in 2011 when it was getting 1.1 million viewers weekly so I believe they gave it a solid shot. Just a shame the audience didn’t stick around. This and X Factor are the only Seven shows I watch weekly.

  5. Their treatment was so annoying. They don’t mention anything on X-factor (They could get Luke (?) to say “coming up next TAR”) and they have 5 minutes of ads and news between X-factor and TAR (which discourages people to stick around for the following programming). There treatment of the show is such a shame because our edition is often viewed as the best world wide. I speak for all TAR fans when I say “Can 10 or Foxtel get their hands on it?”

  6. The reason why it was not on Thursdays to begin with is due to ‘AFL States’ are forced to have 1hr of Home and Away at 7pm then AFL from 8pm most Thursdays, which means there would be be an inconsistent schedule of TAR allowing for spoilers. Also,NZ have it Tuesday nights, so they probably didnt want to wait more than 24hrs after our broadcast.
    Even so, the treatment of this show has been terrible, and it has actually been a decent season despite how hard they tried to give it the appearance of being a failure from the commercials.

  7. Channel 7 programmers just haven’t given TARA a fair go,
    A real shame as it is one of the better offerings on 7.
    As others have pointed out, puzzling that Channel 7 has chosen to hide this away in a later time slot and churn through it with some double eps but left dross like Bringing Sexy back in the prime 7.30 slot.

  8. I would conspire that the production values are too high on this show so 7 has done everything it can to make sure it fails and it is not considered for renewal. I didn’t like the premiere, but absolutely love the show now, right up there with the standards of previous season that won an Emmy.

    Same thing probably happened with A Place to Call Home.

  9. There was no hole on Monday nights – they had The X Factor anchoring the night they didn’t need The Amazing Race there it could have been filled easily and probably had the same ratings by placing Bones, Castle etc in the same slot.

  10. Someone must have made a deliberate decision to wreck the prospects of this show. There would have been a lot of money invested in it and then it is just dumped around the schedule…..yet…. somehow Bringing Sexy Back is hanging in there. How do people keep their jobs…in any other industry they would be sacked

  11. Seven well and truely missed the mark with this show, it was the one thing I personally was looking forward to and was going to watch but the scheduling has been horrible. Given the trash they’ve been airing on Thursdays I don’t know why they didn’t just go with 730 Thursdays from the beginning and left it there. Obviously there will be no season 3. Ten should try aquire rights and do it properly.

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