Can you guess…?

2014-09-16_1216I was about to tell you about a most remarkable show coming up on air next week, and then I thought I might tease you and see if you can guess what it is….

It’s one of the boldest, most original things you’ll see on television right now, and it’s Australian-made (and no, it’s not The Code -which I also loved).

This one deserves to win awards.

I’ll give you the answer tomorrow and tell you why you should be watching…..



  1. “remarkable”, “boldest”, “original” & “awards”.

    These adjectives do not necessarily mean a positive review, so I’m calling a swerve & it’s something really really bad.

  2. I doubt that it would be Party Tricks if it’s airing next week. It would be very late notice by Ten. However, on second thoughts , Ten would be capable of such lunacy.

  3. jezza the first original one

    @MuchTB…..Party Tricks…….Bindi was ahead of you………………and it is the only New aussie show mentioned, the rest are all old shows or american……But Bindi mentioned it first not you MuchoTB….sorry

  4. Personal Wish : Mad As Hell
    Personal Fear : A revamped Today Tonight
    Default sigh : Any Ch10 drama or About A Boy recast in Oz…;-)

    Really looking forward to Shaun & the team, tho’…

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