Comedy Channel drops Jimmy Fallon

Jimmy Fallon can now only be seen on ABC2.

2014-09-22_1639ABC2 now has exclusive broadcast rights to The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon after the Comedy Channel drops the series.

A Foxtel spokesperson told TV Tonight, “We are constantly reviewing our programming on The Comedy Channel with the aim, where possible, to offer our customers a broad slate of new, exclusive and original content.

“While we understand some viewers may be disappointed, the channel has decided from September 21 we will no longer broadcast The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.”

ABC2 continues to broadcast the show at 7:40pm weeknights.

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  1. To be honest I very rarely watch it, it’s just a flicking through and see who is on.

    I’d like it if they gave Kimmel a shot.

    I’m surprised 7 haven’t picked him up, or conan since he was let go from Go.

  2. Personally I can see why Comedy have done it. Why buy a show if the ratings are going to be affected because the show is available elsewhere to a larger market. In saying that, Comedy needs a late night show as it was one of the better draw cards they had. Off the top of my head the only ones currently not available in Aust. are Kimmel, Conan, Meyers and Arsenio Hall. My bet would be on the former 2 which are successful brands that aren’t going anywhere (Meyers has been fairly heavily criticised and Hall may not appeal to Aust. audiences). Time will tell…

  3. Sorry for swearing David in advance, but what the f*** Comedy Channel, this is the only show I actually watch on your channel. Hope ABC2 get Jimmy to do a new promo where he could have a sly dig at the Comedy Channel while promoting ABC2 as the only place to watch The Tonight Show.

  4. It really disturbing how competitive ABC2 and the Comedy Channel are The Daily Show and now The Tonight Show. Scary times in programming won’t surprise me if the next decision gets undercut by the other. After all Jimmy put on promos for the Comedy Channel etc.

  5. Time to reprogram the PVR to ABC2.

    Thanks for the notice but I really wish instead of cutting these talk shows we would get more like Jimmy Kimmel and Seth Meyers.

    First we lots Conan and now Fallon, in coming months Ferguson will be gone, yet to see if we’ll get his replacement here, ditto for Letterman.

  6. How does he rate on ABC2? I’ve watched him a few times and he isn’t very funny. I doubt he will last too long on OZ TV. I’d like to see Kimmel on screens here or there is also Conan. Love to see him back on the TV here

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