Here’s why Twitter loves TV

Last night all 10 of Australia's top trending tweets were related to television shows.

2014-09-15_2329TV-related tweets often dominate the trends during primetime.

Last night all 10 of Australia’s top trending tweets were related to television shows: Q & A, Home and Away, The X Factor, Big Brother and The Amazing Race: Aus v NZ.

Viewers were tweeting over everything from Rochelle eliminated from X Factor, to Skye and Lisa in Big Brother and Ian Chubb on Q & A.

TEN’s Have You Been Paying Attention? was also trending.

It’s no wonder Australia will become the third country in the world to have Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings, measuring the total activity (Tweets, Unique Authors) and reach (Impressions, Unique Audience) of TV-related conversation on Twitter.

Nielsen Twitter TV Ratings will launch later this year.

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  1. A note on why commercial broadcasters love twitter – it gives them an added value to advertisers as they can quantify an “engaged audience”. The more engaged an audience is in a programme, the greater the value to the advertiser and the more the broadcaster can charge for advertising time during said show. You’re mislead if you think your tweets during The Block, X Factor or Big Brother are “adding to the conversation”, you’re merely helping the broadcaster up their revenue.

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