Late List: August results

2012-09-05_1442There were just 13 entries filed by readers on the TV Tonight Late List in August, down from 34 in July.

As this was the lowest number of entries received since this feature was launched 2 years ago, which is now under consideration to be discontinued.

Seven: 5
Nine: 3
Foxtel: 2
TEN: 1
Other: 1
ABC: 1
SBS: 0

Amongst the filed entries were:

The Amazing Race: Aus v NZ  Advertised time: 8:40pm / Actual: 8:49pm
Winners & Losers Advertised time: 8:45pm / Actual: 8:57pm
The Voice: Kids Advertised time: 7:30pm / Actual: 7:43pm
MTV Music Video Awards Advertised time: 6:30pm / Actual: 6:45pm

You can file an entry here.

NB: The Late List is a crowd-sourcing trial and is not scientifically conducted. It relies on the trust of readers to resource information.


  1. I think the problem with the late list is that the majority of people that it is targeted at has started to use alternative sources for their content, whether that be legal or illegal. We all know what to expect when it comes to the networks, and the majority of people watch the show before it airs in Australia, or on Australian catch up TV sites, or services like iTunes.

    Australian TV stations are killing themselves in a slow and painful death.

  2. To be honest I watch a lot less commercial TV these days to even notice how late the networks are being. And as I have no interest in the reality shows I usually don’t have the patience to wait around to see when the next shows start as it seems to be a moving target (Winners & Losers being a prime example, might be 8.42 one week, then 9.12, then 8.51, etc etc. Same goes for 60 Minutes, Sunday Night…)

  3. I used to submit all the time. But Australian tv is the worst and I gave up on it long ago. Only show I watch on FTA regularly is the news. It’s been 2 years of recording this, and shows still starting more than 15 mins late. The networks don’t care about their viewers and treat them with contempt, yet they are angry that people are viewing shows by other means and treating networks with contempt.

    What are the legal issues? We have laws about false and misleading advertising. Networks can update their EPG yet continue to advertise 8.30 which is false and misleading. Yet they get away with it

  4. Possibly the low numbers as we are all used to the lateness now.

    Nine advertising 60 Minutes as “8pm” when it really starts 8.15 or so just happens every week – is just part of a typical Sunday now.

    Thankfully EPGs are usually up to date – but it is still a nightmare if programming a PVR to record that does not adjust times of recording when they change in the EPG.

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I guess it happens so often now…we just throw ours hands up in disgust….
    Networks seem to neither care or show any sign of effecting change.
    I also tend not to watch as much TV….most of my shows I watch on catchup…no time issues there…hence no frustration…
    Thank you for trying DK.

  6. I’ll try and list any late shows more often David, apart from your site is anyone else actually keeping records of this or is it something the network would prefer was kept quite?

    • Not to my knowledge. It was mentioned to me once that this wasn’t particularly welcomed by networks, but I haven’t let that dissuade me. I offered it in response to ongoing comments as a crowd-sourcing feature. Entries have been soft for a few months which either suggests things have improved or there is not enough engagement to keep it going. It needs better numbers if it is going to remain.

  7. Agree with all of the comments here. Australian FTA is the worst…they are only interested in outscoring each other not the audience.

    I recorded Whitney the other night…it was 13 minutes late so I only got 17 minutes of the actual show. How are viewers meant to,put up with this crap.

    I have noticed ABC is getting worse as well.

  8. Secret Squirrel

    I’d be sorry to see it discontinued but agree with davodavo6666 that the networks obviously feel that the benefits outweigh the costs thanks to the people who keep watching anyway.

    I’m the opposite and stopped watching commercial FTA because of the unpredictable starts after 6pm and haven’t looked back

  9. please don’t discontinue this page, David. Everything needs to have a “low” and I hope that this page will bounce back.

    But sadly, I agree that just about everything has been running late on commercial tv of late, particularly when reality tv blocks are on (Seven and Nine).

  10. David, everything in prime time is late on 7, 9 and 10. After two years of naming and shaming they obviously still find the advertising advantages more beneficial than the frustration of a few viewers, I don’t think I have stopped watching any show because it starts and stops late!

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