Micallef doco for SBS

2014-09-17_0110EXCLUSIVE: Shaun Micallef, about to return to screens with another series of Mad as Hell for the ABC, will also front a documentary next year on SBS.

He developed the project with Artemis International, after appearing in their series Who Do You Think You Are?

For the funny man, who usually plays a heightened version of himself in his projects, playing without a ‘mask’┬áis more of a challenge, but one he is prepared to entertain when the subject is a personal passion.

“If it’s a subject I was interested in, I reckon it might be a thing in my career, where I am occasionally doing what Michael Palin ended up doing: communicating a particular passion for something I’m interested in, and teaching people,” he told TV Tonight.

But Micallef, whose Newstopia series aired on SBS, is ruling out yet another celebrity travelogue.

“Not a travelogue because I’m not a great traveller. But I have been in talks with Artemis who make Who Do You Think You Are? about that very thing, where we might explore a subject. In fact there’s going to be a documentary on air next year on SBS that I’m presenting.

“It’s hopefully one of a series that we might do every year, where I explore a particular topic that’s of interest to me, and hopefully of interest to the audience.”

Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell returns at 8pm next Wednesday on ABC.

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