NCIS: New Orleans tops new US Fall premieres

US output shows coming to TEN are faring well in the Fall season.

2014-09-28_0129It’s still early days but the US Fall season is proving good for new titles coming to TEN.

NCIS: New Orleans, Madam Secretary and Scorpion are amongst some of the top-rating new shows in their first outing.

NCIS: New Orleans tops the list of what media like to call the “freshman” shows at 17.1 million overnight viewers. In the US the rating in the 18-49 demo is considered key, rather than total viewers.

NCIS: NO had the 18 million lead-in of the NCIS mothership as its lead in, while Scorpion benefitted greatly from The Big Bang Theory, which will remain with double episodes for now.

A number of new titles are yet to premiere, but here’s how things are shaping up so far:

NCIS: New Orleans 17.1 million
Madam Secretary: 14.7 million
How to Get Away With Murder 14.3 million
Scorpion 13.8 million
Black-ish 10.8 million
The Mysteries of Laura 9.9 million
Gotham 8.2 million
Forever 8.6 million
Red Band Society 4.1 million

Source: E!

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  1. Sorry David I thought you meant new season not new show.

    I’m not going to get too invested in new shows as I know a lot of the time they will last 1 season, if they are lucky.

    NCIS New Orleans is my tip on one that has the best change of being back in 12 months.

  2. David, I believe this article can mislead viewers. In the US, the 18-49 share is by far the determining factor in the ratings race, unlike Australia where total viewership numbers are used. NCIS:NO for example only had an 18-49 share of 2.5, whilst other shows further down the list had a much higher share; for example HTGAWM, with a very large 3.9 share, or Scorpion with 3.2.

  3. I have seen Scandal S4 and HTGAWM by other means and the premieres were excellent.

    Gotham is also a great series. Scorpion was also a good pilot.

    Looking forward to The Flash. Would be good if some of these were fast-tracked over here.

  4. David you forgot Parenthood… not that it has ever rated anywhere near NCIS but still worth a mention in its 6th and final season.

    TBBT was a double ep last week but returns to single eps as normal, they haven’t taped many yet, 4 or 5 for the 8th season so far I think.

    Any news on when TBBT or Parenthood will return to our screens?

  5. Not surprised with the results really. In regards to demos for example, How To Get Away With Murder is the #1 new show in the demo while New Orleans only got a 2.5 while HTGAWM got 3.9. Scorpion got a 3.3 but Madam Secretary which got more viewers only got a 2.0. So its amazing the difference.

    I am yet to see any of the shows but it seems HTGAWM has had a lot of good reviews. Will be interesting to see where Seven puts this show in February (assuming thats when they bring it to us). Then again it might not resonate with viewers here. Look at Scandal, a hit in the US but not here.

  6. It’s a bit of a vicious circle. People watching US shows by “other means” is the reason we don’t see many of them at decent times any more on FTA or the networks do awful things like delaying season 2 of Arrow until ufter it had already finished in the US. And this in turn has meant even average Joes like me are having to find out how to watch things by “other means”, other wise they just don’t get to see their favorite shows.

  7. CBS have put a repeat of a S7 ep of TBBT in before Scorpion.

    ABC successfully taken advantage of Thursday Night Football displacing CBS comedies (including TBBT) to run some strong female shows. The strong lineup is a sign of how badly they are doing earlier in the week though.

    Last season few shows got large numbers of live <50s, especially freshman shows. So the networks and production companies started making decisions on other factors and adjusting their expectations instead of just axing everything with below average 18-49s as they have done for the last decade.

  8. I’m really glad that ABC’s Thursday lineup rated so well; two existing powerhouse shows with slightly increased ratings over the previous season, with the premiere of How to Get Away with Murder, an excellent program, with excellent ratings. Well done ABC for great scheduling.

  9. The problem with US shows in Australia is the horrible scheduling by our incompetent networks.

    A new show starts at 900 one week, its on at 9.15 the next or gets bumped later for more reality shows.

    I’m not waiting for shows to start in Australia just to be treated badly. I’ll get them by other means.

    Australian FTA TV is the worst in the world. I cannot believe what they get away with!!

  10. US shows are not really delivering in Aus at the moment. If they are any good, folk are increasingly viewing by other means and if they are bad, they crash and burn very quickly

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