No more Coronation Street for 7TWO

2014-08-25_2100A number of readers have been asking about episodes of Coronation Street on 7TWO.

Seven advises it has now played all the episodes it had to the broadcast rights to.

In August UKTV channel announced it had secured Coronation StreetEmmerdale until 2020.

The deal between BBC Worldwide Aus / NZ and ITV Studios Global Entertainment includes 1,300 new episodes of Coronation Street and 260 episodes of Emmerdale.


  1. I use to enjoy watching Coronation Street and I could not believe you took it off surely you can get it back channel 7 2 you don’t have any problems with horse racing and sport

  2. Please please seven two bring back coronation street, it is the best show on tv and we all cannot
    understand why it suddenly was taken off.
    Please consider this as there are a lot of people out there upset, and I am one of them.

    I really don’t feel I want to watch 7 or 7two at the
    please consider.
    Thank you

  3. I am also disgusted. The episodes are at least seven years behind the UK, so what is the problem? Does channel seven care how many viewers watch Coronation Street and boost ratings?

    I will also not watch seven any more until Coronation Street is back on air.

  4. Sad as it sounds, this was the highlight of my day watching older Coronation Streets. I moved out here in 2005, so it was great to catch-up on episodes I had missed. I was so looking forward to Fred and Bev’s big day and Tracey killing Charlie. Please remember 7TWO, TV shows like this are like reading a book. You wouldn’t half read a book would you??? Bring it back!!!!

  5. this is just typical of seven!!!….. what was the point of even acquiring the rights to broadcast corrie street knowing that it would not continue to do so after those episodes had run their course….one thing is for certain there will be no cancelling of “home shopping” …..and as for shortland street….what absolute garbage!……Crap story lines and the most appalling acting (so called)

  6. I’m gutted. I’ve been watching this for years now and recently returned from holidays. I’d taped the whole lot while I was away and discovered they’d discontinued while I was away. When I rang 7 the girl on reception was quite rude and told me I should get Foxtel. I’m not going to pay for a whole package to watch the new episodes. They aren’t the stories I’m interested.

  7. I am just gutted! I really looked forward to watching this each day and like others used to plan my day around it lol! I actually watch very little TV but enjoyed my daily dose of Corrie. It went off air about 18 months ago and then came back but sounds like this time its for good. Like when the ABC stopped Eastenders 🙁 Yes we can get Foxtel and watch it on UKTV but it’s these old episodes we want to see. I’ve found a few on you tube but it’s not the same! They are all over the place and hard to find any continuity. You can check the timeline on corriepedia and put in 2006.

  8. I think it is total rubbish that they would stop showing these old episodes, pay tv should get the new episodes and we should still get the old episodes. I am disgusted by this an recommend we all campaign to bring back coro! I have written to both Foxtel and Channel 7 and also rung Channel 7. If they brought back Shortland St then they should do the same with Coro!

  9. I’m in shock…no warning!! It’s bad enough we’re 7 years behind. We’re just getting to the best bits with Charly and Tracy and the train crash and Fred not even getting to his wedding! I visited the Coronation Street set last months and found out all the things that are about to happen!! I’m devastated. I work out my whole day to be in front of the telly at 4.30pm
    How sad 🙂

  10. It’s interesting to me that this is the same line 7Two trotted out about Shortland Street, then they started to replay them six months or so later. At that point it was too late for me – I pieced together what I could from the internet and started watching current episodes on YouTube.

    For those who care, it seems there are quite a few Coronation Street episodes floating around from October 2006 onwards also on YouTube, so perhaps we can all still get our fix.

  11. This is just another reason not to watch free to air TV in Australia. As has been said in this post, the episodes are from 2006 but I too wanted to see the ones where Tracey kills Charlie.
    I’m watching less and less of free to air but watching more shows than ever before. Just sayin’

  12. 7TWO already announced this just before the closing credits on last Friday’s episode if anybody bothered to watch till the end. They said, “This is 7TWO’s final episode of Coronation Street. We hope you enjoy it’s replacement, Goodnight Sweetheart.”

  13. David, will these episodes be avaliable for any network to transmit after the year thing , ???? So it can continue on like Shorthand street , ??? Or is it blocked , Corination Street was definatly getting better, thanks for helping

  14. I am upset it is not on anymore
    I will miss the part I heard from friends were Tracey kills Charlie I was looking forward to the drama
    thanks a lot channel 7

  15. Pertinax, the networks used to advise viewers when a show had completed its current series, during closing credits. It’s just one of those curtesy things that hasn’t seemed to be carried on with new administration. The abc may still do it, but not the commercials unfortunately.

  16. How often does a network announce they are not going to show you something? Especially 8-year-old repeats of a daytime soap.

    BBC Worldwide did a deal to lock in the soap and stop Seven showing cheap repeats. Nothing can change that, and nothing to do or say that will help.

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