Nostalgia lifts SBS but Nine wins Sunday

Ratings: Reality TV and News dominate Sunday but there was the odd bright spot in entertainment too.

2014-09-29_0940Reality TV and News again dominated Sunday viewing but there was the odd bright spot in entertainment for TEN and SBS.

But ABC will be looking with some concern to its numbers for critically-acclaimed drama The Code.

Nine network won another Sunday with a share of 33.2% then Seven 29.3%, TEN 16.1%, ABC 14.2% and SBS 7.2%.

The Block was out in front with 1.55m for Nine then Nine News (1.15m), 60 Minutes (1.03m) and Big Brother (558,000).

Seven News (1.15m) was best for Seven followed by The X Factor (1.11m), Sunday Night (1.03m), Castle (517,000 / 475,000).

Scorpion (597,000) did relatively good business for TEN doubling its soft lead-in of Bondi Rescue (299,000). TEN Eyewitness News was next at 507,000. Concerningly a new Modern Family was 434,000 -audiences may have assumed it was another rerun. A repeat followed with 430,000 and the movie Mission Impossible (394,000) was last in its slot.

ABC News was 767,000 but The Code has slipped to 584,000 in its second outing. Doctor Who was 569,000 / 101,000. Compass was 331,000 and Mad Dogs was 306,000.

SBS had a good night in with its Monty Python Live special (423,000) pipping TEN’s movie rerun. Treasures of Ancient Egypt was next at 313,000, SBS World News (204,000), and Who Do You Think You Are? (73,000) followed.

7TWO’s Escape from the Country (258,000) topped multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 28 September 2014

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  1. The new episode of Modern Family was well plugged on TEN…I just think the problem is…not a lot of eyes are on TEN to see the ads….
    I watched Escape to the Country…as I always do…and caught up with Monty Python and Seven’s Sunday on catchup today.

  2. @barrington bumbaclaart – I never said The Code needed to be a comedy, but that it should have a sense of humour, which is far more subtle. Look at how Janet King and Old School used humour to give their shows a rounded quality.

    The Code is unrelentingly earnest and grim. Politics, politicians, Canberra, conspiracies, torture, death, etc. Then you’ve got grumpy people swearing at each other all the time. That gives the show a flat, grey tone. A little humour would balance that out.

    Remember what Shakespeare taught us – the more grim the subject matter, the more comic relief you need. Maybe we can learn something from those old dead guys!

  3. I thought The Code was good, not brilliant but a darn sight more interesting than most other Aussie drama currently on offer.

    It’s a bit unfair to be comparing it with overseas shows like Fargo which draw on budgets and a talent pool the ABC could never come close to matching. I also struggle to see how they could inject “comedy” like some here are calling for. It’s political a thriller, not a light hearted romp.

    Personally, I like the fact they’ve been bold with the cinematography, grade and edit – it sets it apart from the rest of the local dross that fills our screens and is done to a high standard.

    As for the story, I followed it & found it to be interesting & poignant considering the current political push to censor & heavily monitor the internet.

    Reading some of these comments helps me understand why rubbish like The Block constantly rates highly.

  4. I don’t know what people are complaining about. The Code is a good show what does not spoon feed you and makes you think. Should be Aussie drama’s like it. I look at it this way if we don’t support the small amount of Australian dramas what are made now we will be luck to get any at all in the future.

  5. The Code has been universally critically acclaimed despite its many flaws. Critics always plug local stuff but viewers know what entertains them and just ignore the critics and what they recommend because they cry wolf too often.

    Reportedly the ABC spends around $40m a year on drama, out of its $1,040m budget. They used to make 1 or 2 shows a year and show mostly BBC stuff. But now they try to do more by outsourcing them all, with the producers getting tax subsidies and arts body funding. But there are limits and there are only a handful of people in Australia who can write good TV drama.

    I’m watching The Honourable Woman, and the entire ABC drama budget mightn’t cover it, so why bother with The Code?

    Nobody will watch The Code in the North next week because the ABC has put it up against the NRL Grand Final where Souths are favourites and will be supported by everybody…

  6. Everyone involved with The Code has forgotten the word entertainment…it’s just way too earnest. ABC’s drama has been off the boil lately. Seems they have no idea how to commission a break out hit…or even anything resembling one.

  7. I agree with others here, The Code is overrated. Found the character with Aspergers too loud and obnoxious to continue watching (I’ve met people with Aspergers who definitely did not act like that); and the plot not interesting at all. Compared to something like Fargo or True Detective, no where near being in the same league

  8. As per previous comment the preview of party tricks in the featured section of the tenplay windows phone app doesn’t work. The video won’t play. Get the message “Sorry could not play, try again soon.”

  9. I liked the first episode of Scorpion. I wasn’t bothered that it was unrealistic at times. Its television its not meant to be realistic.

    I thought the code improved from its first episode. I am beginning to see where the plot is going now.

    I cannot understand why ten continues not to update the windows phone tenplay app with their current program list. For example shows such as Wonderland, Family Feud, Scorpion, Torchwood, Party Tricks (preview) and others appear at random in a featured section but are not listed as a program in the programs section. Its the luck of the draw if the show you want to watch is listed in the featured section when you want to watch it. Surely ten can do better.

  10. I didn’t realise Modern Family were new episodes. Ten has mucked around the show so much I just gather it’s all repeats these days. And I thought Sunday night movies were a thing of the past (something which Ten led the way with?) or at least relegated to multi-channels now?

    I’ve also got lost trying to follow The Code. I’ve seen the first 2 eps but probably won’t bother with 3rd.

  11. I found The Code unwatchable, hard to follow whatever the hell the storyline is supposed to be, sick making hand held cam, too dark bluish tint.

    It’s irrelevant whether it’s supposed to be ‘critically acclaimed’ or not, if the average viewer can’t see anything in it worth watching.

  12. Definitely worrying figures for the ABC re: The Code. I think Jimbo’s 4th point re: computers is relevant. The timeslot on the ABC usually attracts an older audience. And while it’s a little short-sighted, many of them are probbaly bamboozled with all the computer stuff.

    Also, 7 would be disappointed with those figures for the Castle finale, since they are (kind of) fast-tracking the new season in 2 weeks time.

  13. Sorry, got cut off. I was just going to say The Code is probably a 3 out of 5 stars show, unless it drastically changes for the better. There’s no way it’s in the same league as Fargo, True Detective, etc.

  14. I was surprised how dramatic Scorpion actually was- it’s interesting that Ten is playing it in the 6:30 timeslot. Hopefully it doesn’t become too cheesy or too NCIS-y.
    Watched Scorpion, then Dr Who, then the Monty Python event.

  15. The Code is a major disappointment for the ABC. The lack of vision, leadership and guidance at the top is frustrating for everyone. When will ABC drama step up and join the golden age of television drama?

  16. I could see where they were going with Scorpion, I just thought it was completely unbelievable and over the top too. But it did have a likeable factor about it. Though, I don’t think the numbers will hold next week.

  17. I gave The Code the benefit of the doubt last week, but after last night’s episode it’s really beginning to annoy me. There are four big things wrong with it:

    1. The dialogue sounds like it was written by Paul Fenech for an episode of Housos. Where is the wit, texture, subtlety, restraint, tension, subtext and humour? Does every dialogue exchange have to involve the characters loudly swearing at each other?

    2. Cheesy, soap opera over-acting.

    3. Morose tone. Lighten up guys. A little humour goes a long way.

    4. The whole story is about politics and computers, which are abstractions that are difficult to render into dramatic scenes.

    I don’t want to sound like David Stratton, but the wobbly-cam can be off-putting at times.

    Compare it to Fargo and it shows us just how far we’ve got before we can do genuine high-end TV.

    David gave both Fargo and The Code 4.5 stars. At…

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