Paul Fenech out of Dancing with the Stars

Paul Fenech is out of Seven's dancing show, reportedly due to a mishap during rehearsals.

2012-11-05_0142Paul Fenech has withdrawn from Dancing with the Stars, before the series has even begun.

News Corp reports the Housos star “is understood to have suffered a mishap two weeks into rehearsals.”

That will be a blow to the series, given Fenech could have potentially appealed to male viewers as well as adding some humour.

A spokesperson told the newspaper, “Earlier this week, because of a private matter, Paul resigned from the cast of the next series of DWTS.”

It’s not nearly as catastrophic as the injury prone Celebrity Splash, which saw several celebs on the bench, and at which Fenech managed to make it to the end.

Seven is yet to announce a replacement or an airdate.

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  1. I am sure that no one is forced to do Dancing with the Stars, they might be approached to see if they are interested and a lot of people like the challenge, but if they don’t want to be involved they don’t have to, so if I would assume that 9 offered Grant Hacket more money than 7 and probably that is why he went with them and used the Dancing as an excuse.

  2. I bet he is relieved. That is what you get when you sign with Seven.. I remember when Grant Hackett signed with Nine he said that Seven had approached him & one of the reasons he said no was that he didn’t want to do DWTS.

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