Report: Rosie v Whoopi on The View

2014-09-30_1416It hasn’t taken long for conflict to emerge on the set of the revamped The View.

There are reports Rosie O’Donnell and Whoopi Goldberg did not see eye to eye last week when Goldberg cut off O’Donnell during a Hot Topic discussion.

O’Donnell, according to Daily Mail, is not happy about Goldberg remaining the show’s moderator but reportedly does not wear an earpiece linking her with producers. When Goldberg tried to move on during a discussion, O’Donnell was unhappy.

“As soon as they went to commercial break, Rosie took the handheld microphone that they use to engage the audience,” an insider told Daily Mail.

“Instead of talking to the crowd, Rosie spoke directly to Whoopi in the mic that she “hurt my feelings,” and that she was “very upset by it” and “didn’t appreciate” what Whoopi had done.”

Goldberg replied, “This isn’t the time for this, Rosie.”

“Well I just don’t appreciate you saying that you were going to do something and not doing it. It makes me upset and I just don’t want to have to go through this,” O’Donnell continued.

“I said this was not the time Rosie.” said Goldberg, before continuing.

“F*** it, I told you to leave it alone and you just don’t want to listen. If you want to go there Rosie, I will dammit. I’m really sick of your s***!”

After O’Donnell backed down, co-host Rosie Perez intervened.

“Oh s***, Twitter is going to be off the hook now,” she joked.

O’Donnell’s return to the show last month delivered it’s biggest opening audience in eight years.

The View no longer airs in Australia.


  1. Apparently this used to happen all the time (presenters fighting during commercial breaks) with The Circle, but the media didn’t make a big deal of it.

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