Returning: Beauty and the Geek

2014-09-29_2124As expected the new season of Beauty and the Geek Australia returns to Thursday nights.

Updated: It’s back on Seven at 8:30pm Thursday October 9th.

Hosted once more by James Tobin, this season has been filmed in Las Vegas, using US models for Australian geeks -that will make life tricky for those who form close relationships.

Unfortunately, Seven has not provided photos nor updated its website, so the best I can provide is a photo of Las Vegas, which doesn’t really give us a sense of the show.

In the series return, the Geeks have hit the jackpot when they find themselves in Las Vegas, coupled up with US Beauties consisting of models, pageant winners and beauty queens. Tonight, the Geeks are dared to bare all in a Vegas strip show and the beauties will be tested on all things Australian. The winning team will gain immunity but one couple will be eliminated. Plus, a bombshell will change everything!



  1. Australia turned the Beauty and the Geek formula upside-down at a time when the Americans gave us canned content. The editing has been clever, taking personality extracts, obviously mined from enormous amounts of interview sessions, and using the bites to create both hilarious and moral moments. Whilst the original American seasons were typical B-grade television bubblegum for the eyes, the Australian seasons have given us a whole lot more unpredictable fun. I like the show. I hope the 2014 series keeps us guessing.

  2. I couldn’t imagine anything worse. Can’t believe they’re still going with this show either. Watched the first 2 seasons but it’s past it’s used by date now, and they’re heading overseas to try and keep up interest in the show.

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