Returning: Derek

Season 2 of Ricky Gervais' comedy will premiere on BBC First next month.

Derek_S2_10Season 2 of Ricky Gervais’ latest comedy series Derek, will premiere in Australia on BBC First next month.

It kicks off with double episodes from 8:30 pm Friday October 10.

Ricky Gervais, creator of the original British version of The Office, produces and stars in this heartwarming comedy-drama as Derek Noakes, a loyal English nursing home caretaker who sees only the good in everyone.

Derek’s sunny outlook comes in handy with his quirky co-workers and friends as they struggle against prejudice, government bureaucracy, and constantly shrinking budgets to care for elderly residents who depend on them.

A year has gone by since we last visited Broadhill Retirement Home and there’s some new residents, additions to the staff and the welcome return of a few familiar faces.

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  1. Don’t have Foxtel anyway but this season ‘premiered’ on my Netflix subscription months ago…

    @ David, Angela – So I guess the deal is with BBC Worldwide for all distributed (drama) content not just BBC shows per se, as this is not a BBC show.

  2. Yes, probably not, David.
    And even if they do, 12 months or more is a long time to wait.
    A shame it didn’t do better on the ABC – guess the theme didn’t sound very appealing to many.

    I didn’t expect much but so glad I stuck with it.
    Probably Ricky Gervais’s finest work yet – obnoxious as he can be, there is obviously also a very sensitive, caring side to him.

  3. Absolutely love Derek.
    Great news to hear it’s back – disappointing the ABC hasn’t picked it up again though.
    A shame about Karl Pilkington’s character – pure gold.
    At least sleazy Kev is still hanging around.

  4. BBC First along with Showcase are my two favourite Foxtel channels. Gervais and company were brilliant in season 1 of Derek and cannot wait for this series.

    Funny yet tragically sad all in one episode.

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