Returning: The Amazing Race

2014-09-27_1720A lot of readers like to compare The Amazing Race with Survivor, especially in terms of their playout in Australia by Seven and Nine respectively.

How quickly do they air after the US? What timeslot do they get? Are they available in HD?

In recent seasons, Nine has really stepped things up with Survivor, screened just hours after the US via GO! which it began last week.

The news for The Amazing Race is nowhere near as good. It returns this week in the absurd timeslot of 11pm Friday. Ironically the season premiere is titled “Go Big or Go Home.”

There’s really no way to sweeten this scheduling. The episode began on Friday in the US (yesterday Australian time) nor is it available in HD. It really should have been scheduled on a multichannel in a swifter and earlier slot. Survivor wins this bout hands down.

For what it’s worth the Season 25 begins in Times Square and this time adds a “Save” – a prize that can prevent elimination.

11pm Friday on Seven.


  1. @Hydra .. Can’t believe I missed it!!! I will have to get hold of it elsewhere. I love this show. I’d like to have a look at Chicago PD .. I thought 7 might air it.

  2. Now that footy season is over, 7mate Saturday 6.30pm in HD hours after the US would have been perfect.

    They did do one season 6.30pm Sunday on 7mate or TWO then moved it to 5.30pm Sunday with little notice – to ratings sub 100k. Better chance on a Saturday with less big competition now…

  3. Can’t add much to what has already been stated. With Survivor strangely on at 9:30 on Go, I would have thought 7 could have jumped in ahead of them at 8:30 Thursdays on 7Two.

  4. harrypotter1994

    I agree this timeslot sucks! Ever since the multichannels have come around they have just put this show anywhere. There was an all stars season on 7Mate, think the last season was on 72 and a few others at different times on 7. Why not show it on 72 again?

  5. Alfagirl, the final episode of Season 2 of Chicago Fire was screened on 16 September (Melbourne). Not sure whether it did where you are.

    Now waiting for Season 3 which has already started in the US to be shown here!

  6. I’m amazed it’s upto Season 25?! Haven’t watched any version of the show for years, but I used to love the US one. I guess after watching it quite a lot I got sick of it! Still, Channel 7 should air it on one of their multi-channels instead of their usual repeats.

  7. I looked up channel 7 Friday schedule and it’s:
    7:00 better homes and gardens
    8:30 the Bourne identity
    11:00 the amazing race

    Surely channel 7 could play the amazing race at 8:30 and the Bourne identity at 9:30. It would make Friday night television more interesting.
    (Besides if anyone wanted to watch the Bourne identity they could just hire it out at their local video store)

  8. Thanks for the update. I wouldn’t have known it was at this late time slot.
    I concur with all over readers. 7 are disgusting in their treatment of this show!

  9. Seven has not treated tar with the respect it deserves for a number of seasons now. It’s a shame but at least it is being aired.
    If I hadn’t read on here that it was on I mightn’t have known so thanks. Have series linked it.

  10. @ilovetv Yea! TEN could use this if Seven aren’t going to treat it with respect, they would have something descent to screen then.

    Seven does me head in with its program abuse!

  11. 7 continues its abuse towards this great show. They have rarely shown in an earlier timeslot and will likely change this the day/time/channel several times before the series is over.
    The Amazing Race AU Series 1 was as good as (or even better) the US series, but with greater channel 7 involvement TAR AU S3 was terrible, a plane crash that killed all competitors would have been a perfectly acceptable end to the series at any time.
    At least now the original is back. 🙂

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