Rumours of more Rake

2014-02-27_2309Speculation of a fourth season of Rake has been doing the rounds.

That’s despite Richard Roxburgh telling me -twice- that the show would end with 3 seasons and he would leave a “good-looking corpse.”

Today’s Sunday Telegraph suggests Roxburgh and writer Peter Duncan have been seen in serious discussions about bringing the ABC series back.

In May at the Sydney Writer’s Festival I asked Duncan about the possibility of a fourth season, given the US version had ended abruptly.

“That’s a very good question,” he teased.

Roxburgh has previously Duncan is pivotal to him filming a season of Rake.

This year has been different because one of our two writers, Peter Duncan, is over in America showrunning the American one. He’s normally been showrunning here, so if there were ever issues on set then he would be there to sort it out,” he explains.

“So that’s been tricky and I have to say I’ve had to end up doing some of that stuff.”

ABC has ended The Time of our Lives, with a telemovie to wrap up Redfern Now. No word on more Janet King as yet.


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