SBS delays Danger 5 series due to “ISIS actions”

SBS opts to delay a November return for local comedy spoof, fearing its themes may be ill-timed.

2014-09-13_0214SBS will delay the second season of cult comedy Danger 5 due to “recent ISIS actions.”

The comedy by South-Australian production company Dinosaur, which spoofs spies attempting to kill Hitler in a 1960s-style pastiche, was due to return to air in November. The season includes an appearance by Shaun Micallef.

“It is with our deepest disappointment and sadness that we announce a decision has been made to delay the broadcast of Danger 5 Series 2 on SBS. This is due to unforeseen international news events and the recent ISIS actions and it’s felt in the current climate the series might not be received in the comedic spirit in which it was created,” says the show’s Facebook page.

“Unfortunately this delay is completely out of our control and the entire team at Danger 5 and Dinosaur are truly devastated.

“At this stage we’re unaware of when Series 2 will air, but as soon as we do, you will be the first to know.

“We hope that you will stick by us until this time as we do everything we can to show you what has taken the entire team thousands of hours of hard work, sweat and a few tears.”

SBS confirmed to news.com.au:

“In light of recent international events, SBS has decided to postpone the air date of cult comedy series Danger 5.

“Although Danger 5 was written and filmed before any of the recent ISIS actions and in no way refers to recent events, the network has determined that some themes touched on in this season are potentially sensitive in the current climate and may not be received in the comedic and satirical spirit with which they are intended.

“Given the reason for the delay of the series and the current unpredictable climate we can’t confirm or announce a broadcast date for the new series at this time.”

SBS has previously pulled episodes that found themselves ill-timed with Paul Fenech’s Swift & Shift Couriers held over for 2 years following attacks on Indian students in Australia, and withholding an episode of its first season following the death of an Australian soldier in Iraq.

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  1. It’s just SBS getting really savvy with the publicity. I, for one, might not have caught that very funny 2+ minute YouTube trailer if it wasn’t for this story.

    Will be watching when it finally airs!

  2. Deary me, SBS you are taking yourselves a tad too seriously !!. Danger 5 is a 1960’s style pastiche comedy.

    Sounds like a few too many managers at SBS have had a few too many meetings and whipped themselves into a frenzy over nothing.

    Guess they are all trying to justify their jobs at the moment.

  3. If the series has been “delayed indefinitely because of ISIS actions”, may we conclude that it features beheadings?

    If so, it will probably never see the light of day, and SBS will have saved itself yet another embarrassment along the lines of “Once Upon A Time in Punchbowl” (in which the main character was an imposter) and “The Power of Nightmares” (which argued that “there is no such thing as Al Qaida”). By exquisite coincidence, SBS presented this ludicrous piece on the very night of the 7/7 attack in London.

    1. Without more information it’s hard to know whether it is the right decision or not. It seems bizarre that a spy comedy to get Hitler is withdrawn due to ISIS, so I too presume it has a beheading reference. One would think a re-edit could address this, but perhaps it is so integral it gave them no room to move…. doubtful it was a decision taken lightly, but disappointing all round.

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