Soapie death distresses Home and Away fans

2014-09-16_0117Home and Away fans last night were distraught over the (impending) death of Casey Braxton, played by Lincoln Younes.

Last night he took a bullet after trying to save his half-brother Josh, who had been kidnapped by Jake Pirovic. While strictly speaking he hasn’t died (that appears to come tonight), both promos and media have been teasing a Summer Bay murder.

Younes becomes the second of the Braxton trio to exit the Seven soap following the departure of Heath Braxton (Dan Ewing).

Younes has been part of the soap since February 2011, but earlier this year he was confirmed for Love Child and will also appear in ABC’s 2015 miniseries, Hidden.

Devotees of the show took to social media to express their anguish over Younes’ departure:


  1. when I read Lincoln was leaving I never gave it a thought he would be killed off.

    His character Casey has become one of my favourites. now we are only down to brax and Kyle. It was sad the way he has been killed off.

    Its also interesting with the gym. I mean its the worst managed gym in the bay. people leave or they die.

    Watching the early years episodes compared to the episodes now its so different. back in the early days there wasnt gangs and shootings. it was more about school and families.

  2. This had to be one of the “worst kept secrets” ever. I am more interested in the upcoming wedding of Marilyn & John and also interested to see what happens with VJ who I don’t think has yet had a girlfriend. Wonder if he would refer to any future girlfriend as “The Princess” – would be great to see shades of Vinnie in his son 🙂

  3. It was very obvious that it was Casey who was going to die… but sad, he could have come back in the future! H&A is sooooooo much better than Neighbours! 🙂

  4. I agree with other comments re this ‘death’ was predictable.

    It was widely reported that Younes was leaving the show so when the promos re ‘one of our favourites will die” appeared I automatically knew it was Younes.

    The Younes fans should be more worried whether the actor will make it big in Hollywod or doing ads for a telephone company.

    Well done Esther!

  5. here we go again so much crime in summer bay
    another death River boys has changed home and away so show you can break the law and all is good with it
    remember the good old days when you could enjoy it Home and Away and have a good old laugh
    instead of death and crime base show like it is now

    • It’s a fair question and one I have filed on before. H&A has indeed had crime elements for a number of years, with storylines such as the Summer Bay Stalker delivering bumper ratings. Ray Meagher even calling for a return to family values in 2009 saying, “We’ve had too many guns and balaclavas and bank robberies and that sort of thing.”

  6. Only one more full braxton to go then hopefully the show can get back to normal and be character driven and less crime.
    It was well done last night but I can’t wait for there to be no braxtons so others can be at the centre and including in the promos.
    Hoping Steve will leave soon as there has been rumours suggesting this.

  7. Lincoln Younes has been the only reason I occasionally tune it to watch “Home and Away”, since his early days in “Tangle” he has clearly demonstrated he is a major young actor who has a natural affinity for the camera. His technique stands out so obviously amid the hussle and bustle of the acting in this show, you can see there is an actor there actually investigating the lines and his motivation, so much so that he shows up the others around him often to the point of embarrassment.He was very much more at home within the cast of “Tangle”,and certainly it was well time for him to leave H &A . For a soapie geared to young teens killing off a character such as “Casey” carries enormous responsibility and I wonder why they do it, it’s an easy out when an actor is leaving, but suggests a sloppy way of doing things. I wonder if Lincoln was happy with his character’s fate??

  8. I’ve been waiting for a death like this for a little while. The recent deaths have seemed emotionless and they’ve sort of gone back to how they used to do deaths in the early 2000s. Although probably not as good as Noah’s in 2004 or Jack’s death in 2008. The Mrs and I think they could’ve done better, but they’re getting there. Though the Mrs got a bit emotional – so they’ve done their job there! 🙂

  9. How can people be surprised? It has been widely reported that he had left the show & Seven have been showing promos of a murder for months. Not hard to figure it out.

  10. New his death was coming weeks ago with the death of a summer bay character being promoted and Lincoln Younes leaving. Very obvious thing to do in soapieland, give a character a happy future and then kill them off.

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