Superintendent backs Gold Coast Cops despite internal debate

2014-09-30_0056Fairfax Media reports on internal reactions by members of the Queensland Police Force to TEN’s Gold Coast Cops, which premiered last night.

Noting that the reactions within police stations and on social media began before the episode debuted, volatile comments question branding the Rapid Actions and Patrol group as “elite” and the motives of police to proceed with the Eyeworks Australia factual.

Fairfax reports a notice board in a police station includes a sign stating ‘KILL RAP.’

It posted a screenshot of social media debate.

“It’s not fair what they have done to those who agreed to be in the show. Talk about media spin,” a friend of a featured officer posted.

“Yep we agreed to have a camera crew follow us around doing our job – not turn it into some big brother show!!” the officer responded.

TEN did not comment when approached by Fairfax Media.

In July there were questions over whether the series was a PR campaign for the police, but the series is hardly the first to partner with emergency services in pursuit of real drama.

Superintendent Keogh has since said police in the series were acting in a manner he would expect they’d act in without the cameras.

“They’re very excitable, the camera crew and sound techs,” he said.

“There was one morning there we were raiding at 3 o’clock, and while I was clearing the sleep from my eyes, they’re all jumping around like jack rabbits thinking this was the greatest thing out.”


  1. Saw the episode last night. Just another police media PR show. I’d like to see what really happens in the state police forces that aren’t shown or are edited out by these police ‘factual’ shows. I guess when a tv network approaches these police organisations to these shows part of the agreement is too not show any of the police brutality.

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