1. HeyHey_Variety

    Come on Nine, really turn up the heat and make a game show at 7.30 against Family Feud They haven’t made or revived a game show since 2010.

    Dave, how long is Deal or No Deal going to be on for??

  2. Thanks David. Really appreciate it.

    Interesting that back seat drivers does a similar number without any publicity. I guess it’s the lead in.

    Kinne did really well without a lot of publicity. I also thought really strong publicity was essential to a good launch but perhaps with the digital channels the audience will just find it if they are interested.

  3. TasTVcameraman

    I agree with Craigj77 when he says family Feud is an easy show to watch.
    However I still miss BH 90210 being on the half hour later so I am able to watch the first part of TEN news.

    I now have given up all hope of watching the Project at 6.30……why cannabilise Neighbours with Rove back on The Project.

    I watch the Project at 11.30 or whenever it is on later as I do enjoy Rove, could not stand Charlie, for some reason.

  4. Big fan of FF – I can’t believe i’m saying it, but its really great alternative viewing, and to see the figures are a moderate success.

    Here’s a crazy thought, maybe if 10 stop the simulcast – perhaps the figures may even go up 🙂

    Also, why not expand and put in a 6;30pm Gameshow

  5. Three Channels or not, Family Feud is itching very close to seven news’ figurs in Sydney. It will make for some awkward headlines for Seven if/when they actually get beaten by it.
    I must say, I gave FF no chance of being a success when it started, but much to my own surprise, I am really enjoying it.
    It’s an easy show to drop in and out of at 6pm when I’m organising dinner and other things.

  6. Noted last night that 7’s Sydney 6pm news seems to have gone back to a ‘chatty’ kind of writing/reading the items.

    Similar to the style they were using when Anne Saunders (spelling’s wrong I think) used to do the evening news with Ross Simmonds (have I got that surname right?) back in the B.R. days (“Before Rossco”).

    It was a rotten style back then, it’s still rotten now.

  7. Would it be possible to know the figures for both eps of Please Like Me and Backseat Drivers? Playing last weeks ep of a narrative show before the new one is an interesting strategy as well.

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