TEN confirms Shark Tank for 2015

Shark Tank Is Coming to TENTEN has now confirmed Shark Tank for 2015, as tipped by TV Tonight.

The Mark Burnett series, a reworked version of Dragon’s Den, sees entrepreneurs investing their own money in inventions and business plans pitched to them by local inventors and business hopefuls.

In the US the show has been a consistent performer, increasing its audience every year and an Emmy nomination.

TEN has been calling for budding inventors but is yet to announce the local “sharks” to comprise the panel for the Shine-produced series.

TEN Chief Programming Officer, Beverley McGarvey, said: “Australians are among the greatest entrepreneurs in the world and the list of globally successful products that have been invented here is staggering.

“The Australian version of Shark Tank will be an accessible, compelling and highly entertaining show that will appeal to all age groups. Viewers will be captivated by the passion, enthusiasm and drive of our inventors – and by the incredible ideas they will present to our Sharks.

“We will announce the Sharks soon. Like the inventors, the Sharks will bring their passion, enthusiasm and drive – plus their cash – to Shark Tank, along with their years of experience and success and a powerful desire to help find the next great Australian success story,” she said.

Shine Australia CEO, Mark Fennessy, said: “This unique, smash hit format is a sensational project for Shine. It will be a feeding frenzy for viewers as ambitious entrepreneurs present breakthrough concepts to the Sharks – potentially becoming Australia’s next generation of millionaires. We look forward to working with Network TEN to bring Shark Tank to life.”

Aside from Dragon’s Den repeats, there’s nothing else on the box in this genre, so fingers crossed this one fires for TEN.


  1. Now if they could get as someone else suggested Theo or Peter Jones to show them how it is done it could be a sure fire thing.
    I love the UK version, but again I loved the UK version of the Apprentice with Lord Sugar.
    Theres a show TEN could grab and show it late at night. I believe it was screened on Seven before though but I also believe series seven and eight are still to be screened in Australia

  2. As long as it’s not on more then once a week I will be watching. I watch the UK edition almost religiously and I have dipped my toe in the Canadian and American editions. I think for the first season they should have one or two established Dragons/Sharks to sort of help the show along in the early going. I would go for Theo from the UK (although he hasn’t been on for a while) and Mark from the US.

  3. The only “feeding frenzy” happening here will be the rapidly diminishing funds of the hapless Ten accounts by the Shine content providers.

    Won’t be long before they put a guy in a white cape on a motorbike to jump over it….

  4. Don’t think I’ll be watching…
    Where is the renewal for offspring? Since they are putting money into crap reality shows they should use it fir more offspring….

  5. They need to get the sharks right for this to work. hmm whose filthy rich? Gina Reinhart, James Packer, Rupert Murdoch, Alan Jones, Clive Palmer? haha yeah right! will be some big business names we never heard of.

    Also I find it funny in this day and age there are still inventions not already thought of. I know everything I have every come up with that I thought was a great idea, a quick google search tells me its already been done.

  6. Finally, am Australian reality show I can get behind. Indeed, this show does have a cult following in Australia, likewise with the Canadian Dragon’s Den. I really hope this is a smash. They just need to get their casting of sharks right.
    @tomothyd- this show should all be about the “judges” and all about the goodies and baddies. Yes, the contestants/pitchers are important, but the fun of the show and where the drama and laughs come from is the sharks competing for a product, out bidding each other and their banter.
    Let’s hope they get people with actual money to invest and a wide range of people from different industries, that’s the key.

  7. Shark Tank is a fantastic show. Most episodes are available on YouTube. The show has a cult following here in Australia. I have watched every episode as have a lot of my friends. Mark Cuban is my favorite shark, he is fantastic.

    Ten don’t mess this up, you have the potential for a hit here.

  8. I’d check this out, but not sure if it is suited to TEN. I really hope they cast the sharks right, and don’t pull out the judging style of Idol, Dancing with Stars with goodies, baddies etc… Hopefully the show will be about the contestants and their ideas, and not about the sharks (I’m looking right at you The Voice).

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