The Blacklist helps Seven to Monday win

2014-09-30_0928The return of The Blacklist was a strong performer for Seven last night, at 1.05m viewers thumping the competition with Big Brother at 735,000 viewers. Despite BB winning the younger demos, Seven managed to snatch victory from Nine for the night.

Seven network won with a share of  30.% then Nine 29.4%, ABC 19.3%, TEN 16.2% and SBS 4.6%.

The X Factor (1.16m) was best for Seven then Seven News (1.15m / 1.04m), The Blacklist (1.05m), Home and Away (968,000), Million Dollar Minute (569,000) and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (500,000).

The Block (1.33m) again topped the evening for Nine then Nine News (1.18m / 1.13m), ACA (988,000), Big Brother (735,000) and Hot Seat (572,000).

Australian Story (887,000) was best for ABC then ABC News (813,000). 7:30 was 746,000, Four Corners was 729,00 Media Watch was 669,000 and Q & A (511,000 / 80,000).

TEN Eyewitness News (666,000) performed best for TEN. The Project was 651,000 / 438,000. Gold Coast Cops was 563,000,  Have You Been Paying Attention? was 484,000 and Territory Cops was 472,000.

On SBS ONE it was Meteor Strike was 255,000, The Real History of Science Fiction was 190,000, SBS World News was 142,000 and Legally Brown was 105,000.

Neighbours led multichannels at 271,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 29 September 2014


  1. Oh wow, I didn’t even know Seven was showing Blaclist so soon! I wasn’t expecting it to hit Australian TV until 6 months from now, as often happens. I might actually tune in – I love the show.

  2. Blacklist was great .. from what I saw.
    Used IQ HD to record it and, of course, missed the ending.
    X-Factor overran by a huge amount plus I think Foxtel have major issues with their EPG.

    If you care to investigate Foxtel’s community forums have lots of complaints about their app not working, EPG not recording to end of programs, series-link not working or programs simply not being shown.
    This all seems to a major problem they aren’t addressing in a holistic manner .. something seriously wrong with their EPG/programming systems.

  3. Recorded both Blacklist and AoS, whilst catching up on the last eps of last seasons Blacklist (I gave up mid way and have had a change of heart). But from these comments looks like I won’t have all of AoS as Xfactor went over time, great.

  4. Agreed regarding HYBPA. Hopefully it does come back. Good on TEN for sticking with it; the show really hit it’s stride since starting in the 8.30 Monday slot

  5. Well done 10 for sticking with HYBPA. The finale last night was excellent, as has been most episodes. Monday night is a great time to show it and give people a laugh. Maybe next year you could make it into a comedy themed night and include Modern Family and something new perhaps.

  6. Great episode of The Blacklist last night and glad it did well. I also thought last nights X Factor was a cracker too. Was outraged at the bottom 2 and how Australia voted.

    I must say though, it could easily of finished on time had they not shown 3 musical acts. Ed Sheeran wasn’t even live. They could have made it shorter if he sang one song not 2. They need to get their act together. The Veronica’s were amazing though. Great to see them back.

  7. Good episode of the Blacklist!

    Impressed to see MAoS rate as high as it did. I found the premiere boring with too little focus on the main characters. What was the point of spending the first 15 minutes on Lucy Lawless and her team if they were just going to kill them all off at the end.

    Enjoyed seeing Ward though. Best part of the episode. Hope he gets more screen time soon

  8. Considering that Agents Of Shield went to air closer to 10:00pm than my PVR advertised time of 9:40 and didn’t get much (if any) advertising that it was back, 500,000 isn’t a bad figure. Of course that may be some overrun from the Blacklist, then the Blacklist may be some overrun from the X-Factor, consolidated will be good to see.

  9. David, I’m just trying to work out how Eyewitness News beats everything else on Ten with 66,000 people, when everything else is in the hundreds of thousands?

    Ok, what I am really saying is you have a slight typo 😉

  10. Note to Channel 7: I turned onto your station at 8:45 to watch The Blacklist. Not 20mins of X-Factor judges “umming” and “ahhing” and then The Blacklist.
    Either advertise the true starting time of the show / start it on time / or lose viewers like myself, who’ll find other means to watch it.

  11. “The debate between the judges in determining who to send home was uncomfortable”

    “Uncomfortable” is an interesting choice of words. Not quite apt to a non-viewer of the show, I would think.

    Without deriding the rest of ‘X-Factor’, I’m with Jennome. I was waiting for ‘The Blacklist’ to come on, and having to endure the judges taking approximately 3 minutes apiece to make their decision was (big comment alert coming) one of the most excruciating pieces of television I have ever witnessed. And we all knew it was going to come down to that deadlock scenario anyway.

    Unsure X-Factor learned anything from the “all about the judges” criticism re: The Voice.

  12. Also agree with danny. X factor was superb, channel 7 really know how to put on family entertainment and they have some great artists. Glad that “The Blacklist” is back but it will take an episode or two to catch up and remember who’s who, but it was certainly action packed at times, hope people continue to watch it as we don’t want to loose this through lack of viewers.

  13. It was good to see The Blacklist back, but by the time it staggered to air at about 9.00 I reckon half the audience would have been asleep.

    While waiting we were treated to amazing acting performances by the judges in whatever talent show was on, as they “agonised” over who to eliminate. It just dragged on and on. Academy Award winning performances all round !

  14. What an incredible episode of “The X Factor: Australia” last night. I loved seeing The Veronicas making a huge comeback. It was a sound I’ve not seen from the girls before and Ed Sheeran was superb.

    It was a huge astonishment seeing two of the leading contenders in the bottom 2. The debate between the judges in determining who to send home was uncomfortable. It will be fascinating to see how the remainder of the season plays out.

    Welcome back “The Blacklist”. It was a great start for the new season and although it wasn’t number one in the key demographics, I am happy seeing it in the top 5. Love James Spader.

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