The Recruit: final 3

2014-09-11_1102Bradie Foster (25) from Queensland, Chris Moreland (24) from Geelong and Johann Wagner (23) from Port Lincoln are the final three players in The Recruit, set to compete in next week’s Live final.

One of them will comprise part of the AFL’s special NAB AFL Draft with a guaranteed contract with one AFL club.

Club recruiters will each vote on the final three on a 3-2-1 basis. Once the winner is announced, all 18 clubs will have the option to nominate him as a draft selection or to pass. If more than one club nominates to draft the Recruit, the winner will get to pick the club of his choice.

“The final three have all displayed qualities to an AFL standard. They are very consistent in performance, are resilient and have adequate work ethic to take their game to another level within an AFL system,” said Head Coach, Michael Voss.

The Recruit has opened up another pathway into the AFL. This is exciting and returns hope to players who become lost in our system for a multitude of reasons. After seeing the talent in action I remain extremely confident that while we will find our winner, we could see up to three players drafted as a result of this show,” he said.

The AFL Reality show has been a consistent performer for Foxtel, regularly topping Wednesday night STV ratings.

During the live final, host ‘Fitzy’ and ‘Vossy’ will be joined by members of the Executive Team; Assistant Coach Ben Dixon, High Performance Coach Darren Burgess and Psychology Coach Leigh Russell; the previously delisted Recruits as well as Club Executives from each of the 18 AFL teams.

Wednesday, September 17 at 7.30pm on FOX8.


  1. I’ve enjoyed the series and will definitely watch it if renewed next year. Nice to see something in the reality TV space that doesn’t involve singing, dancing, renovating or cooking too.

    Yep agree DaveyBoy, Johann should win, but recruiters may see it different to the average viewer.

  2. Kudos to all involved re: this show. Putting aside what is happening come Wednesday, it’s balanced the entertainment & sports aspect very well.

    And ratings-wise, “consistent” is very much the correct word to use. It has constantly been in 6 figures (which is fairly rare from a weekly show on Foxtel), with the Fox Footy replay usually adding another 50K or so.

    As for Wednesday, Johann should win, but it wouldn’t surprise me to see AFL clubs be more willing to give ruckman Bradie a chance based on the room for improvement factor.

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