Update: Arrow, Two and a Half Men.

New Arrow eps are back in on Tuesday night. Plus and update on Mike and Molly.

2014-09-22_1527Nine has made a few late night changes to Tuesday and Wednesday, but there are variations in some cities.

A new ep of Arrow will air at 11:10 tomorrow night.

Syd / Bris:
“Time of Death”
A master hacker dubbed Clock King coordinates a series of raids on banks in Starling City, and his skills prove a match for Felicity. Meanwhile, Laurel’s grudge with Sara continues and on the island, a pilot crashes his plane there and Sara tends to the dying man.

“Heir To The Demon”
Sara’s situation becomes precarious when a member of the League of Assassins arrives in town and sets out to persuade Sara to fulfill her vow and return to the organization… no matter what it takes.

Next week there are double premieres at 10:10pm Tuesday.

2 x first run Two and a Half Men episodes will also replace Mike and Molly in Sydney and Brisbane  at 11:10pm on Wednesday (2.5 Men repeats in Melbourne).

Mike and Molly premieres are currently out of schedule.

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  1. I really don’t get why Ch 9 keep moving this show.

    Just leave it in the one time slot and stop mucking it about I have missed half an episode due to the time slot changes.

    It is another drama that is being ruined and hard to follow. Single or double episodes, 10:10 or 10:40 or 11:10?!?
    I update my PVR 2-3 times a week, since this is how often things are changing and i do not even record that many shows!

  2. Heir to The Demon has always been listed at in Syd/Bris at 10:10pm Tuesday Night. Looks like it was preempted in Melbourne by Footy Classified.

    Nine have decided to burn off S2 of Arrow so they are putting extra episodes into the schedule.

    The EPG update has gone through for Sydney. TBBT repeats have are listed for Wednesday following BB.

    That the update is in the EPG when people are looking for stuff to watch tomorrow night is all Nine care about. If viewers miss DVRing an episode they will have to watch ads on Jump In.

  3. I’m glad there is an episode of arrow in Melbourne tomorrow night I couldn’t understand why it wasn’t scheduled 11.10pm to begin with. Its poor for channel nine to make the decision so late. How are viewers meant to keep up?

    Its yet to be updated on the EPG so if it wasn’t for this post I wouldn’t have known about it. Just to clarify its one new episode in Melbourne tomorrow night and two new episodes in Melbourne next Tuesday night?

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