ABC holds the middle ground on Wednesday

2014-10-30_1017Daylight Saving continues to impact on viewing patterns with no shows over a million viewers once again.

Seven’s Criminal Minds managed to win its timeslot despite playing in 4 markets, while Perth viewers caught up with Resurrection.

But the takeout from Wednesday was arguably the retention of the ABC audience from 7pm – 9pm. Only 32,000 strayed from show to show.

Seven network was 33.0% then Nine 28.4%, ABC 18.6%, TEN 15.5% and SBS 4.5%.

Seven News (956,000 / 971,000) topped the evening then The Force (903,000), Home and Away (838,000), Criminal Minds (725,000 / 585,000 both in 4 markets) and Million Dollar Minute (457,000). In Perth Resurrection was 84,00 / 63,000.

Nine News (935,000 / 892,000) was best for Nine then ACA (798,000), David Attenborough’s Life (733,000), Big Brother (583,000), Hot Seat (470,000) and Big Bang (325,000 / 248,000).

ABC News (709,000) topped ABC then Media Circus (707,000), Mad as Hell (699,000), 7:30 (677,000), Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (528,000), Would I Lie To You? (418,000) and QI (369,000).

The Project (563,000 / 420,000) topped TEN’s night. TEN Eyewitness News was 531,000, Wonderland was 463,000, The Millers lifted to 375,000 / 334,000 and The Good Wife was 290,000.

Wildest Islands led SBS ONE at 193,000 then I Bought my own Rainforest (162,000), SBS World News (115,000) and Fargo (85,000) -some new readers sought out TV Tonight to vent their displeasure at the absence of Salamander.

7TWO’s A Touch of Frost again topped multichannels on 375,000.

Sunrise: 340,000
Today: 290,000
ABC News Breakfast: 75,000 / 44,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 29 October 2014


  1. Last night was one of the better episodes of The Good Wife. I love the way she operates under pressure, and I personally want Alicia to run as it is giving the writers a totally new area to explore.

    The Good Wife just gets better and better and so many people are missing out on an excellent series.

  2. Fargo was 32k up on Salamander, which is of course over 50% but the numbers are still so tiny it doesn’t matter much.

    The new ep of TBBT is rating well, but it hits a production break next week. Not much else is exciting viewers. BB does well with younger viewers but doesn’t have broader appeal, TBA has been a flop.

    There’s plenty of good TV that’s been fast-tracked Homeland, The Good Wife, The Blacklist. Two of the best new US shows Madam Secretary and Gotham are on. And there is Happy Valley. But viewers just aren’t watching them.

  3. Maev....Sydney

    I am not techie…but I just think folk are getting the news and viewing other ways….and in doing so…networks lose advertisers…and what then…we lose networks…then we all pay??

  4. Here’s my evidence that it is partially related to daylight savings. Taking last nights ratings compared with September 18th, looking at the combined ratings for Nine and Seven News (which are the best examples of the same content shown on both dates)

    Sydney and Melbourne combined recorded an 19% drop (1.26m vs 1.06m). Brisbane and Perth combined (both which don’t have day light savings) recorded only a 9% drop.

    All other things being equal, you would expect the drop to be similar in daylight savings states as the others.

  5. harrypotter1994

    The Good Wife was so funny last night, loved how they integrated Alicia’s family into the episode.

    However, am I the only one that doesn’t want Alicia to run?

  6. The Good Wife was excellent last night, such a shame people are giving it a miss.
    Any news on when Sleepy Hollow will return to Eleven? Six episodes have already aired in America.

  7. @4onTV
    I agree, daylight savings isn’t the issue its the lack of decent programs on some networks.

    Not sure I’m liking the new direction wonderland is taking. Its seems all they want to do is pad the show with multiple extra long shag sessions at the absence of a decent storyline.

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