Airdate: 55 Years of TV News

Nine News will look at the 10 biggest stories in South Australia over the past 55 years.

2014-10-09_2318Nine News Adelaide will screen a special tomorrow night, looking at the 10 biggest stories in South Australia over the past 55 years.

Kate Collins and Brenton Ragless will count down the biggest local stories, 20 to 1 style, since Nine Adelaide started broadcasting in 1959.

Nine News has enlisted four prominent South Aussies to contribute to the countdown and give four very different and strong opinions on what stories should make the list.

Collins and Ragless will be joined by FIVEaa Breakfast host and The Advertiser columnist David Penberthy, former Federal Minister Amanda Vanstone, media personality and FIVEaa Breakfast host Jane Reilly, and “Mr South Australia”, news veteran Keith Conlon.

The triumphs, the crimes, the disasters and heartbreaks; the famous, the infamous, the incredible and the unforgettable – this will be the countdown of the Top 10 stories that shocked us, made us cry, had us rejoicing, and at times left us stricken with fear.

What will be the number one story? The Crows and Power grand final victories? The Royal visit to Elizabeth? The Ash Wednesday bushfires? The disappearance of the Beaumont children? Snowtown, the grisly bodies-in-barrels murders? And will the viewers, the people of South Australia, agree with our Top 10? One thing is certain: it is bound to be controversial.

7pm Saturday on Nine (Adelaide).

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