Airdate: The Big Adventure

2014-10-13_1148Just a week after Reality TV contestants learn the hard way about not walking away with the big bucks, Seven will premiere The Big Adventure, in which one person will vie for a million dollars cash.

The series, conceived internally by Seven, pits 12 Aussies digging for keys on a Fijian island, with one that will unlock ‘the million dollar prize’ (it’s not clear if the winner will actually walk away with a million). The production includes a huge ‘sky rig’ stadium suspended over water.

Host Jason Dundas said, “The aim of the game is to dig up as many golden keys as possible.

“The more keys you have, the greater your chance of unlocking the million bucks. Our players will do whatever it takes to earn the right to dig for a fortune.”

The series debuts with an extended 90 minute premiere, which pushes The X Factor‘s ‘grand final’ sing-off to an 8pm start. Sunday Night is out next week with Castle airing a double episode from 10:10pm.

The Big Adventure is produced from the makers of My Kitchen Rules and House Rules.

Would you step away from your everyday life for the chance to make your dreams come true?

Twelve regular Australians will be doing just that. They will walk into The Big Adventure with a dream and one of them will walk away a millionaire.

But achieving their dream will not be easy.

Seven’s new adventure series will see 12 strangers compete in extreme conditions for the prize of a lifetime.

On a secret island in the South Pacific, carved out of the jungle, sits the Treasure Grid. Under one of the squares, a life-changing prize lies buried – one million dollars.

In every episode, contestants will earn the right to dig in the Treasure Grid in the hope of unearthing a golden key. Only one of those keys will unlock the million dollar prize.

The challenges are unlike anything ever seen before and will take place on the Sky Rig, a stadium suspended over water.

These 12 ordinary Aussies will be pushed to their limits as their skills, smarts, speed and stamina are tested.

They will have to embrace the unknown and face their fears head on. There will be doubts, disappointments and failure.

But those who don’t give up on their dreams will be triumphant.

One million dollars lies waiting… which lucky person will dig their way to victory?

6:30pm Sunday on Seven.


  1. I hope there are no pointless in studio bits to camera like there were during TARA which ruined the flow of the show but given it is being produced by the same people as MKR and HR I think it’s pretty much a guarantee.

  2. Spoiler…the series will drag on, promos will say ‘someone will be an instant millionaire’ It will run over time each episode and in the end the million wont be won.
    You’re welcome viewers

  3. The promos and popups are saying that one of the contestants -will- become a millionaire. Seven will be hoping it rates decently if they’ve given away a million bucks already.

  4. Sounds similar type format to a show they had years ago called Treasure Island.

    Oh well it is something different anyways, compared to renovation and cooking shows.

  5. Thank you for telling me what this series is about!!

    Have seen the promos on 7 for weeks and didn’t know what the concept was – no one in the TV Lounge thread had any clue either

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