Bachelor Blake in “confirmed” relationship with Louise

bkgloThe Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey is dating second runner-up Louise Pillidge, according to various media reports.

New Idea reports the couple are about to go public with a magazine interview:

One bachelorette, who has chosen to remain anonymous, has spoken to New Idea and revealed that the producers were “pushing him to pick Sam”, and he had let Louise go as he was worried she wouldn’t be able to handle the pressure of being in the final two.

“After the show finished airing, Blake rang Sam and told her he thought he made the wrong decision, that he thought he should have chosen Louise, and that production pushed him to choose Sam!” says the source.

“He would get so awkward when the cameras weren’t rolling.”

“Sam said that on the date where he gave her the necklace, even though he was so affectionate on camera, he wasn’t affectionate at all off camera. He would barely talk to her and didn’t want anything to do with her as soon as the camera’s stopped rolling.”

In an interview on The Project this week, Garvey did not directly answer a question about whether he was seeing somebody else.

“It’s not about that right now. It’s about my heart is broken.”


  1. It doesn’t surprise me. When I read that Sam said on a radio interview that she had spoken to all the girls but Louise, but that wasn’t unusual since she tended to keep to herself, I figured that must have gone on. If you’re having feelings for a bunch of girls, I can’t imagine going home with none of them.

    I just think if this story is true, Channel Ten had a missed opportunity. I still remember the After the Final Rose special in the US where Jason said he’d picked the wrong girl, and that he wanted to hook up with the runner-up Molly. It was a massive scandal at the time, but at least the viewers were part of it and not shut out. And so many years later, Jason and Molly are one of the few still married with babies!

    So hey, maybe Louise and Blake can be so lucky too.

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