Beauty and the Geek: Oct 16

2014-10-14_1429There were no Aussie ‘Beauties” on the first episode of Beauty and the Geek last week, instead substituted by American females.

But that will all change this week in a 2 hour episode -that’s an awful lot of geek for one night.

This week on Beauty and the Geek Australia, the Beauties must compete in a math challenge from hell when they are lowered into a tank filled with scary, creepy crawlies whilst testing their counting and calculus skills.

Meanwhile the Geeks must pucker up and passionately kiss a stranger! And if that wasn‟t confronting enough they will then be forced to make a huge decision, which will undoubtedly affect the rest of their time in the mansion.

And this week a record number of contestants will be forced to leave the competition in one swift eviction!

8pm Thursday on Seven.


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