Big Adventure dips but Seven wins Sunday

Ratings: With Telethon in Perth, scheduling was a little erratic, but TEN improves while Seven's new adventure slips.

2014-10-27_1009Sunday evening saw a staggered line-up on Seven due to Telethon airing until 8:30pm in Perth.

This saw The Big Adventure air at 8:30pm, Sunday Night was on 7TWO and Resurrection did not air in that market.

But Seven may be concerned at the numbers for The Big Adventure in several markets where there were no such interruptions.

It lost to The Embassy in 4 cities (by just a 1,000 in Adelaide), and in Sydney it was third behind Scorpion. Tonight will be a more level battlefield.

Just 0.1% divided Seven and Nine’s primary channels but Seven network won the night overall with a 29.4% share then Nine 27.2%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 15.9% and SBS 6.7%.

Seven News was best for Seven at 1.02m, then Sunday Night (781,000), The Big Adventure (664,000), V8 Supercars (510,000 in 4 cities), Resurrection (410,000 / 338,000 in 4 cities). In Perth Telethon was 203,000 for the biggest part of the broadcast.

Nine’s early evening line-up did well. 60 Minutes topped the night at 1.06m followed by Nine News (980,000), The Embassy (882,000), then Gotham (626,000). Movie: Batman was just 217,000.

TEN had an improved Sunday with Modern Family 694,000 / 606,000 second in its timeslot. Scorpion was 608,000, NCIS: NO was 483,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 402,000, The Graham Norton Show was 352,000 and Bondi Rescue was 261,000.

ABC News (859,000) was a good result for ABC followed by Doctor Who (566,000 / 76,000), last episode for The Code (564,000), Compass (413,000). Mad Dogs was 240,000 and Once My Mother was 81,000.

On SBS ONE it was Greeks Roman Vikings: The Founders of Europe (308,000), Easter Island: Mysteries of a Lost World (273,000), SBS World News (174,000) and Project Nim (67,000).

7TWO’s Escape to the Country led multichannels at 292,000 / 273,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 26 October 2014

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  1. @Mr_AJ Cricket did not go unnoticed by my Dad. He watched most of NSW’s matches and also the semi final on Friday and the Grand Final on Sunday on WIN GEM as he lives in the Illawarra. Pity it was not promoted well by Channel 9 or WIN. We often check the multi-channels and even sometimes will watch Escape To The Country on 7-TWO. Where can we see how the Matador Cup semi-final and grand final rated?

  2. During the final episode of the code while the story line was being tied up and they were explaining how an event occurred via a detail from a previous episode I kept thinking how did I miss that. I think the series jumped around too much that it was easy to miss significant details. I kept watching it but I did find some parts a bit perplexing and not sure if I will watch another series if commissioned..

  3. I actually watched Scorpion on TEN last night…still loving it….
    I just watched Graham Norton on Tenplay….fantastic…well for me….a whole couch full of some of my favourite people…also enjoyed Stephen Fry’s anecdotes…especially the one about Charles and Dianna…

  4. My teens said “We’ll watch Scorpion. Know it’s on again later in the week, but The Big Adventure will be repeated six times, if anyone really wants to see it”.
    Lost count at 5 for the number of repeats of Tricky Business last week. And they wonder why their ‘first run’ airings are not being watched?

  5. @Angela – yes, I gave The Code away last week. The writing just wasn’t good enough. Plot was pretty stock standard and required too much suspension of disbelief, and the dialogue was dodgy.

  6. I take back the positive comments I said about the big adventure. The second episode was extremely slow and poorly edited. That first challenge dragged out for way too long

    Repeating things constantly after the ad breaks is a big turn off, treating viewers like goldfish. A shame the superior Amazing Race was not given a prime timeslot like this, instead launching at 9:30 with a double episode

  7. Well, The Code turned out to be a bit of a let down.
    Started out well enough so I stuck with it but ended up just OK.
    Best part about it were the gorgeous, moody landscape shots around Canberra – the place has never looked so good.
    Dan Spielman was very good as usual though.

    The Big Adventure is pretty rubbishy – those constant scripted asides by the contestants are extremely annoying.

  8. I had a look at Greeks, Romans & Vikings last week. It’s a German production (German speaking Greeks and Romans a bit weird) with French backing that SBS picked up and did an English narration for.

    It was also quite a bit of Euro propaganda drawing a line from the Agora to the EU as a tradition of democracy and ignoring The British Parliament, The French Revolution, Hitler and Greek Fascist Military dictatorships in the middle.

    I recorded the thing on Easter Island for a rainy day, since it will be different from the usual Jared Diamond nonsense documentaries are usually based on.

  9. Regardless of Big Adventure airing at 8:30pm in Perth… it still had a great lead-in and 8:30 has proved for them elsewhere that it’s not too late a slot!
    It’s their dog of the year. Expect it to continue to drop.

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