Blake and Louise …is there anything left to tell?

2014-10-20_1157Has The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey left anything to tell The Project? Maybe it will all just be lots of squirming shots as he and Louise Pillidge answer questions to Carrie Bickmore.

Garvey confirms to Woman’s Day he broke up with Sam Frost two weeks before The Bachelor finale aired.

The interviews form part of a deal organised by celebrity agent Max Markson, which on top of the jilting of Frost is unlikely to win him many fans.

“What … didn’t end (after the taping) was the love I felt for Lou and as much as I tried to file it away, it kept growing,” he said.

“It wasn’t fair to carry on with everything. It wasn’t fair to Sam, and while she didn’t know it, it wasn’t fair to Lou, or myself.

“We had interviews booked, it was about to be announced on television that Sam and I were engaged and I just didn’t feel the romantic love I was supposed to.”

Questioned why he had eliminated Louise from the show he said, “It sounds crazy but I was so unsure at that stage, and she was the one I wanted to hurt the least, so I thought it would be easier.”

Yes Blake. It sounds crazy.

He wrote a 5 page letter to her declaring his affections, which she describes as “one of the most overwhelming things: she had ever experienced.

“My one wish is that I don’t want to just be your first love, I want to be your first, last and only,” he wrote.

On the weekend Sam Frost slammed the pair saying, “I was secretly hoping the rumours weren’t true”.

“It was really disappointing they didn’t come to me first and say: ‘By the way, this has happened’. I think I deserved that,” she said.

Perhaps Garvey can answer questions about whether he was coerced into proposing on the show by producers and clarifying at what point TEN knew the romance was off.

Next up Dating Naked.

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  1. @chris – the US one was even worse because he dumped the ‘winner’ on live TV.

    I wouldn’t be surprised about any manipulatuons that a reality show does but if the whole thing with Sam/Blake/Louise was actually set up and they agreed to it then Blake is even stupider than I thought. I can’t think of one positive thing that he could get out of that deception and Louise’s character is now looking pretty bad as well, she looks dopey still wanting to be with this guy after the whole soap opera, I thought she was sharper than that.

  2. This story story should be made into a Aussie version of The Bold & The Beautiful.
    It’s got good looking people.The guys hooked up with every woman on the show and the storyline is just so ridiculous it’s so funny.

  3. Ten must be getting desperate. Although someone at Channel 10 must be getting a bonus this Xmas for keeping this publicity stunt in the news for so long.

    And in case you’re in any doubt over whether it’s real or not, there was an article in the NT News about how this exact same thing was done by the US Bachelor in 2009.

  4. the nightmare continues tomorrow night with more bachelor breaking news. its all too much for me. think im going into cardiac arrest with the anticipation

  5. The question remains…….

    Will all of this mess hurt The Bachelor brand? for next time it airs.

    I don’t think so……and Ten could do worse than bring it back early in the year whilst it has this (unfortunate) profile.

  6. There is no rule but it’s deceptive of Blake & 10 to portray him as an auctioneer (& show endless footage of it) when his primary income stems from his entertainment company. There is nothing wrong with owning that business, it’s just that this guy can’t seem to stop lying & it’s all piling up. He said he’d worked as a topless waiter once as a favour for a friend. He said he would never fully strip & derided stripping – at the same time as owning a stripping company. He had already quit his job in real estate before he was even booked for the show so he could go overseas travelling. He pressured the girls to be honest but he was dishonest with them. If he wanted to find love (& I find it hard to believe people think they will on The Bach!) why not be truthful about his income stream? It’s an important thing to know about a guy you are ‘dating’! I know facts…

  7. Viewers never knew who this guy really was – owner of male strippers in WA. Maybe next time they will expose who these bachelors really are before they expose just about everything the girls have to offer to them.

  8. TasTVcameraman

    I saw the Headlines in TV Week while I was doing some shopping and it said Blake had fallen for Lisa, Maybe he does not really know who he wants…he needs Laurina..she would straighten him out>

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