Blake proposes to Sam (and then disappears from view)

TB2 Ep 20 - Blake Proposes to SamAfter deliberating for 10 weeks The Bachelor‘s Blake Garvey got down on one knee to propose to 25 year old Sam Frost in South Africa, during last nght’s final episode on TEN.

“I only have one final question for you. Samantha Frost, will you marry me?” he asked, presenting a sponsor ring.

“100 percent,” she replied, failing to notice Mr. Perfect bites his nails. “I love you so much. So much, so much, so much.”

His proposal to Sam over Lisa comes despite some speculation yesterday the winner would decline a marriage proposal after TEN cancelled all media interviews.

What gives? Has someone changed their mind?

Has Blake finally declared his love for host Osher Gunsberg? Did she think she was walking away with a record deal?

And is this why there was no Reunion episode this year? Conspiracy theories abound….

At this point the cloud of secrecy risks upstaging the success of the show itself. The show has performed well in Demos and social media. News Corp is positively giddy with excitement over the show.


Meanwhile the show has opened casting for its third season in 2015.


  1. The tackorama was off the scales! With the African jungle music and setting, I kept expecting Timon and Pumba to jump out of the bushes singing Hakuna Matata… in drag.

  2. @maxxdude – The Bachelorette doesn’t rate nearly as well as the Bachelor does in the US (hence why there haven’t been nearly as many seasons).
    The main reason for this (aside from the fact that competing women are more entertaining than competing men) is that the target audience for either show is women. These female viewers think its perfectly acceptable for a man to be dating multiple women at once but do not believe its appropriate for a woman to date multiple men at once (double standard I know).

  3. My theory with the media blackout after the show can only mean either,
    1. Channel 10 will have an exclusive 1 hour special with the couple about their dramatic split.
    2. Another reality series about the build up to their wedding day sponsored by Bunda jewellery, Ford Kluger and RSVP dating website!

  4. Turns out Sam pulls her face off to reveal it was Yasmin the entire time.
    “Finally!” She screams at the camera, while crash-tackling Blake as he tries to run away.
    Then the screen goes to black.
    Roll credits in silence.

  5. Why doesn’t Ten do the Bachelor/Bachelorette combo like in the States? Surely that would give a bit of variety each year & maybe extend the format a few more seasons.

  6. Did he go back to the girfriend he dumped so he could go on the show?
    Did she get to keep the ring? Was it a real diamond (a real rock that size would be worth a fortune)?
    Will they be on Studio 10 today? No? Oh!
    Will Osher Gunsberg change his name again next week?
    Only caught the last few minutes waiting for “Madam Secretary” after “Dynamo” finished. Ugh!!!

  7. The Bachelor is completely contrived fantasy. You can see why males would like it. The idea that loads of beautiful women want to throw themselves at you, you can make them jump through hoops, make out with all of them, and then pick the one you want. But it is women who watch. The idea that a male who chased by other women is a high status catch , plus a lot of dramatic social interaction is appealing.

    You just have to ignore the fact they are all really only after celebrity and cash. The most likely thing is the Blake and the winner couldn’t stand each other. So after filming stopped they simply went their separate ways. Ten obviously would have to try and conceal this and enforce contracts including non-disclosure agreements to maintain the illusion that the show depends on.

  8. Yea I just tuned in last night to see who he would choose and I knew it was going to be the blonde one, but then it finishes and I sit there waiting for at least a little update in the form of text at the bottom of the screen, but no. I wanted to know what happened to them.

  9. jezza the first original one

    The Bach. this year has been compelling, from a total piss take point of view. Cringe worthy, fake reality at its very best. Anecdotally, most folk I know have watched it as a guilty pleasure and laughed at the characters portrayed.

    Blake/Osher… close
    All the fluffy talk about love blah blah blah….they are mid 20s…what about some rumpy pumpy Sex?

    The utter humiliation of either being the first to get ditched or even worse being strung along to the very end and coming second….I sure hope there was a psych on hand to sort that out…

    Cmon Mr K, get digging for the next hilarious chapter for one of the most fake reality shows of all time…..great stuff

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