Bogan comedy beats reality Geeks and Housemates

2014-10-24_0948A little faith is restored in scripted comedy with ABC’s Upper Middle Bogan outranking the lure of reality equivalents in both Beauty and the Geek and Big Brother -for the second week in a row.

Recently we’ve been seeing single shows cracking the magic million. Last night we had one show crack the magic 900,000. Doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Also worth noting is the gap has narrowed between Million Dollar Minute and Hot Seat this week. Will be interesting to watch how this impacts on 6pm bulletins.

Seven network won the night, just, with 28.4% share ahead of Nine’s 28.0%, ABC 19.0%, TEN 18.4% and SBS 6.2%.

Seven News (915,000 / 826,000) was best for Seven then Home and Away (777,000), Beauty and the Geek (593,000 / 578,000) and Million Dollar Minute (598,000).

Nine was under 900,000 the entire night with Nine News (894,000 / 889,000), A Current Affair (852,000), King’s Cross ER (683,000), Big Brother (543,000), Hot Seat (457,000). Movie: Contagion was 281,000.

ABC News (751,000) topped ABC then 7:30 (684,000), Catalyst (682,000), Upper Middle Bogan (645,000), It’s a Date (506,000) and QI (366,000).

TEN was under 600,000 for the night with TEN Eyewitness News (540,000), Madam Secretary (543,000), The Project (503,000 / 397,000) and Save with Jamie (457,000). SVU was 133,000.

The premiere of The Fall led the night for SBS ONE at 209,000 (it would have been higher had it been coded as 2 eps), The Little Paris Kitchen (193,000), The Incredible Spice Men (147,000) and SBS World News (119,000). Thai Street Food was 66,000.

A Touch of Frost was again best on multichannels at 289,000. ABC2’s Soul Mates premiered at 116,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Thursday 23 October 2014


  1. I agree Secret Squirrel. The promos where she was shown dead when she hadn’t yet been killed in the episode we were watching was poor form from SBS.

  2. Maev....Sydney

    I loved Its a Date last week..this week…bleh…the only outstanding, for me, was Rove…now if you have noted my previous posts about Rove…that is praise indeed…
    I fact….I wonder if he has ever thought of taking on acting…he was defiantly the best on the night….straight up acting…no stand up comedian….*thumbs up*

  3. Jezza the first original one October 24, 2014 at 2:42 pm –

    @ Angela @ cronker…..yeah agree, however I would not object to a random pick up and scene with GA!!!

    I bet.
    She’s one very sexy, attractive lady…I can see her obvious appeal and I’m a straight female.

  4. Have to agree with troy_story, Upper Middle Bogan was great writing and acting, so well done to the team and hopefully people will gravitate to well scripted comedy / drama.

    What is it with 8.30pm on Thursday night. Had the PVR working overtime with 2 shows taping and still had to watch ABC live. Is this the perfect time for advertisers, or is everybody home?

  5. Secret Squirrel

    Agree with comments regarding The Fall and also thought that the pickup and later sex scene didn’t add to the story.

    @mason – I didn’t notice that but I already mentioned on the Thu ratings page that I was annoyed about promos for ep2 which included minor spoilers being shown during ep1. If SBS were really worried about me switching over at the end of the first ep they could have reminded me that ep2 was coming up during the end credits for ep1.

  6. I also watched SVU last night, Madam Secretary and the repeat of Party Tricks. Last night was a Channel 10 night because I couldn’t be bothered changing channels haha. 🙂

  7. Wow 684,000 was the highest rating show after 730.

    I watched SVU last night, program guide on the TV said 2244 to 2332, 48 minutes, it was fantastic, maximum 3 ads in any of the commercial breaks!

  8. Danny too funny. Really like this actor.
    It’s a Date, very flat and bland acting?? They can do better than that (acting & script)
    Party Tricks 189,000???? What?? That’s not good at all.

  9. Agree with all the positive comments here about The Fall.
    Outstanding – really well done and compelling viewing.
    Draws you in from virtually the opening scene. the killer is completely terrifying, more so because he appears so normal on the surface – hiding behind the facade of caring,family man but a seething, twisted mess just below the surface.
    Gillian Anderson is brilliant as the hard as nails ice queen and is looking mighty fine – better even than her X Files days.

  10. The Fall was terrific. One complaint though, in the scenes for the previous episode they showed a scene that wasn’t shown in the actual episode so SBS must have edited the first episode. It was part of the break-in abduction scene. Surely they can play the whole thing at that time of night.

  11. Wow. Soon we will be struggling to make 800,000
    Will networks learn that it is their fault, not the viewers. (they do not listen to viewers wanting consistency, start times, quality shows etc)
    Revenue for advertising will soon be plummeting….

  12. jezza the first original one

    @chivasssimo…. yeah I think Contagion was ok to screen, but they could have combined it with a Getaway African special!!…..that would be in line with the usual ch9 taste standards

  13. Was it really appropriate to screen Contagion given current events?? I’m surprised the media didn’t get onto it. Looks like Big Brother has finally become Big Bother. I think it’s time for a live eviction of BB himself.

  14. Geek is just stupid and an insult to anybody’s intelligence …. the sooner all the fta networks stop with this really bad quality reality shite, the sooner people will return to fta ….

  15. Upper Middle Bogan was gut bustingly funny last night. When Margaret had that sensor bra on, and Danny was inadvertently pleasuring her, I just lost it!

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