Family Feud signage no go zone at Bathurst

Survey says Grant Denyer can't display Family Feud signage on his car at Bathurst this weekend.

2014-10-09_1500Grant Denyer’s car at Bathurst has been directed to cover up signage for Family Feud this weekend.

Denyer has been advised the signage will either need to be covered up or not race in the Live 4pm race on Saturday.

Denyer told AutoAction he was surprised anybody would care what paint scheme a car in a support category is carrying.

“At the end of the day I don’t really care. It is more of a network war than anything to do with me, to be honest. I really don’t want to buy into it – it’s not my fight and I don’t need any more enemies,” he said.

“What is really surprising that there was never an issue when I used to work from here in the Sunrise program – on Seven – when the race was televised on TEN.”

A Seven spokesperson advised V8s runs the event and makes the decisions.

From 2015, FOX Sports will offer full V8 Supercars coverage with TEN as its Free to Air partner for six live Championship races.

V8s has been contacted for comment.

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  1. @Ruddeger:Foxtel are actually a paying customer of Channel 7’s. TEN is not.
    It’s Channel 7’s call. Who cares anyway. It didn’t detract from the coverage at all. It only affected Grant Denyer.

  2. @JM – that is correct. It’s what made it easy for Crompton to “switch networks” when the V8S moved from Ten to Seven before and what will allow him to move back with them to Ten for next season.

  3. @Roughneck – Channel Ten play all matches live on the main channel. Ten treats the RU with more respect then 9 who shafted the matches onto Gem and 7 playing games early in the morning. Explain that one too me.

    We don’t know that yet for the six main events as I am sure it will be similar to Fox/7 AFL deal. Its actually better for the sport by giving it to Ten who will play races on the main channel and that wants to be a part of the broadcast where as 7 shafted races onto 7Two, 7mate and I think James Warburton called it quits on 7 as it was giving them a headache . Ford will still be in the V8 game despite reports saying that Ford call it a day after 2015. Warburton has big innovative plans for the sport

  4. When it comes to sport, Ten are a joke, look at how they have killed Rugby! Unfortunately wheeling out Melanie Mclaughlin in tight tops doesnt eally cut it as coverage

    Debating who will and wont go from 7 is pointless, all Ten are doing is re-broadcasting Foxtel’s coverage. Giving Ten FTA rights was broadcast suicide, with Ford leaving in 2016 this series is past it’s prime. Dont put it past 7 to devise it’s own new competitive series…..

  5. It’s has been done in the past before and I think nothing happen there. Why do it to a support category when people will only be viewing the Dunlop Series and V8s.
    @SonofMogh – 7 races live actually and people don’t have interest in the Super Sprint races as the V8 Officials want to finish most races by 4pm.
    @Keegie – I expect an announcement coming very shortly which could be days away. Greg Rust will surely be the lead commentator with Matt White/ Webber as host. Denyer would surely be in the pit lane like he has done before with both networks.

  6. Did anyone read the story? It was a V8 Supercars decision not 7.

    I’m sure that people excited for Ten to get the V8’s back will not be complaining when they only show 6 events live next year.

  7. Of cause seven has everything to do with this, they are trying to protect their investment.
    I also saw Greg Rust in the HRT garage interviewing Garth Tander. Was very surprised.
    If Ten don’t get Crompton and Scafe next year, it will be a boring program. Greg Rust is a lightweight.
    Maybe Denyer can have a family feud episode now that there are at least 4 different camps.

  8. I’m sure Seven would have something to do with this – wouldn’t be surprised if this was them putting their foot down and being a bit precious while they still can! Then again, can’t really blame them – do they really want a car that’s solely promoting another network / program featured in their coverage?!

    Although I was quite surprised watching Ten news tonight, and seeing Greg Rust reporting and interviewing one of the V8 drivers from their pit lane garage (can’t remember which one) – unless its because its only Thursday, and Thursday doesn’t really count 🙂

  9. Trust Seven to be a bit petty about it. I hope Neil moves to TEN. Best motor sports commentator around.

    But the whole thing is also typical of the V8 crowd. I worked at an event once and we did all the hard yards and then the V8 officials swan back in for their ten seconds of fame, and just take over.
    My thinking is if they can do it for the V8s they can do it for the rest of the races.
    I just do not work for them any more, very rarely watch now also.

  10. This childish response by Ch 7 only serves to bring the matter to a greater audience. Ignore it and no one would have noticed, its only a support category, not the main event. Stupid.

  11. I think it’s fair enough that Seven don’t want a channel Ten logo and brand zooming around the track during it’s coverage. Just like I’m sure Nine would do all it could to stop a cricketer using a bat with an X Factor logo on it.

    Seven paid for the rights to the V8s this year and that should be protected, just like Ten should be entitled to protest a driver next year using a Seven logo on their car.

  12. That is very poor form by 7 and V8SC, I would have allowed it to happen as it will be funny when the commentators say something about Denyers car. I have been keeping a total of hours that 7 are broadcasting for the 6 big events and it looks like we are going to get under 80 hours of live coverage while Ten will air over 80 hours of live coverage. Slightly off topic but Neil and Mark Skaife may call their last ever Bathurst 1000

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