Gogglebox coming to Foxtel

2014-10-28_2006EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight can reveal the Australian version of UK observational series, Gogglebox, is set to premiere on Foxtel next year.

The Shine Australia series has been looking for Australian “families, couples, housemates and friends” who love watching TV and are not afraid of sharing their opinions. As it captures viewers in their homes who let fly with their opinions on the TV they are viewing, it serves as a snapshot of modern culture.

Farah Ramzan Golant, from All3Media has previously said: “Everyone loves watching TV and talking about TV. But the show isn’t really about TV. The show is about people’s lives, their relationships, their living rooms and the way children and parents talk about TV.”

The UK series has won a BAFTA TV Award as best Reality & Constructed Factual Programme.

Casting applications are still open here.


  1. Secret Squirrel

    How very meta. Surely this is some industry in-joke or a Leunig cartoon that has somehow sprung legs and run off? I can’t wait for the the second season where we can watch people watching Gogglebox.

  2. Doesn’t really matter what the networks think it’s categorised as criticism and /or review under the copyright act. There was a Federal Court case surrounding the Panel that set the bar pretty low for the quality of the the criticism required to not breech copyright.

  3. Considering how ridiculously competitive the Aussie networks are though will it work. Can’t see 7 or 9 being willing to let Googlebox show extended clips from their series and risk them being critiqued!

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