How to Get Away with Murder breaks DVR records in US

2014-10-01_1635Hopefully it wasn’t just Americans tuning for a “how to” lesson, but new US legal drama How to Get Away with Murder has broken US records for DVR playback (what we would call PVR Timeshifting).

The Shonda Rhimes (Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice) series starring Viola Davis as a Philadelphia university law professor who, along with her students, becomes entwined in a murder plot had 14.3 million viewers for its Live broadcast. The show’s lead-in was another Rhimes hit: Scandal on 12.2m.

But Murder has since netted another 6 million viewers —pushing its three-day total above the 20 million mark.

That breaks the previous record set by an episode of The Blacklist which rose by 5.6 million in January.

The numbers are a boon to the power of Rhimes (pictured), entrusted with ABC’s Thursday nights because she “gets” audiences. In more ways than one.

Her shows also scored in social media, topping Nielsen’s Twitter TV ratings.

The news is also good for Seven which plans to screen Murder in 2015. Meanwhile Nine is currently promoting Gotham and TEN’s NCIS: New Orleans, Madam Secretary and Scorpion -all 0f which are performing well in the US.

Source: Variety


  1. All the Shondra Rhimes shows have been really poorly managed here by 7. We might be getting Scandal soon, but it’s still more than a season behind. Now we’ll be significantly behind in “Murder” and presumably “Greys” too. I’ve been good and waited not so patiently for my Scandal fix, but I’ve been exposed to plenty of spoilers. The networks shoot themselves in the foot by showing Entertainment Tonight, Ellen, Jimmy Fallon etc. which make reference to what’s happening on these programs in a relatively timely fashion, then holding back the primetime shows. Not everyone is as patient as I am, and the numbers are going to reflect that.

  2. ‘The news is also good for Seven which plans to screen Murder in 2015.’

    And there’s the reason it will be a flop for 7. Those who want to see it will download it, those who dont wont know what it is or when its on.

    I dont think Scandal rated very well for 7?

    I watched the Murder premiere and thought it was very silly and unrealistic having been to law school myself.

  3. It deserves those ratings. I thought the pilot was brilliant and I did not predict the reveal at the end so can’t wait to see where the series goes. Has a bit of Revenge feel to it and its first season was brilliant, so high hopes for Murder.

    I’m loving Gotham also and how they’ve worked all the Batman characters and stories into what is essentially a cop show.

  4. Scorpion held up this week despite being woefully written and acted. It seems CBS can get one rubbish show renewed behind TBBT every year.

    Madam Secretary lost 30% of its <50 audience (though there was some overrun to be corrected for).

    Gotham held up fairly well for Fox. Nine have started promoting it as being about the rise of Batman which is deliberately misleading. It's about the fall of Gotham to supervillians and a young Jim Gordon's resistance. The orphaning of Bruce Wayne is probably as close to Batman as it ever gets.

  5. Having Shondaland Thursdays was a great idea and the marketing was very well done from what I saw. Unfortunately the massive delay in showing it will mean that it’s at serious risk of going to way of Scandal and Grey’s on FTA.

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