Jonathan Holmes presents petition to ABC

2014-10-01_1125Former Media Watch host Jonathan Holmes presented a petition of 57,000 signatures to ABC management this morning following a protest rally outside its Ultimo headquarters.

Some 500 people turned out to hear Holmes and Quentin Dempster speaking out against cuts to the broadcaster. The rally was jointly organised by Friends of the ABC and activist group GetUp!

Protesters holding placards cried “Shame” as Dempster criticised potential cuts to Lateline and state-based editions of 7:30.

Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull has this week sought to focus the decision on where cuts will be impacted back onto ABC management.

The ABC Board is not expected to make announcements about programming today.





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  1. I’ll sign a petition to get rid of Quentin Dumpster.

    Seriously though, the idea that the ABC would ever even think about seriously considering cutting Lateline is absurd. While I certainly don’t support funding cuts, it’s important to remember that this is all just political grandstanding on the ABC’s part.

    If the cuts do come through (and in reality they almost certainly will), then there will be far more savage cuts to other areas than the news department.

  2. It’s the ABC management they have an issue with. If the ABC is going to do new things be relevant in the future it has to let go some of the old things sometime.

    The ABC can save $300,000 p.a. by not paying Dempster to front 30 minutes of current affairs a week. Especially since he is increasingly covering federal politics and instead of NSW affairs anyway. It does seem he has a lot of time on his hands for other things. Like using his position to campaign for his own salary and political agenda.

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