Late change for Footy Classified

2013-02-08_1601A special episode of Footy Classified (which had already wrapped for the year) has been rushed into Nine’s schedule tonight due to the ongoing ‘Essendon saga.’

This will air at 9:30pm on Nine in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth and is repeated nationally on GEM at 12:50am. It will be followed by NRL Footy Show at 10:40pm.

James Hird and the Essendon drugs saga, coach sackings, player trades, free agents, the Draft Combine – so much for it being footy’s off-season.

Tonight the Footy Classified team presents a special edition of the show at 9.30pm following Big Brother on Channel Nine.

Football’s number one news breakers Caroline Wilson, Damian Barrett and Craig Hutchison join Garry Lyon to bring you all the latest news and provide their expert commentary on what has been a very big week in footy.


  1. Surprised there is an episode tonight when as mentioned footy classified has already finished for the year. Heard the ep advertised on sen radio too. Not a bad idea to run an ep with all the Essendon rubbish going on plus alot of news re. trade and free agency and coach sackings/appointments. Haven’t been able to listen to afl trade radio because the radio function is not offered on the afl app on windows phone.

  2. Oxford Dictionary – A long, involved story, account, or series of incidents.

    Of course this story is a saga and it is still far from reaching a conclusion. No need to be shooting the messengers.

    Plus as a break from the Essendon saga there are still a few other important stories going around. Looking forward to tonights special edition.

  3. This is rubbish

    There is no saga – these terrible excuses for journalists keep inventing this ‘saga’ so they can create shows like this

    Whatever they think they have to tell the footy public would have been reported online hours and hours beforehand

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