Lowest X Factor finale yet for Seven

Ratings: 1.43m watch Marlisa win X Factor as Seven takes the night. But numbers fall well short of a year earlier.

marlxfMarlisa Punzalan’s win on The X Factor was a triumph for the sweet teenager and her mentor Ronan Keating, but in terms of television ratings it was nearly a million viewers less than Dami Im’s win a year ago.

The show topped the night with 1.43m for The Winner Announced and 1.38m for the bulk of its Grand Final.

It was the lowest grand final for the show on Seven across its 5 seasons (a 2005 finale on TEN was 881,000).

Nevertheless it ensured Seven easily won the night with a 34.5% share then Nine 24.4%, ABC 20.0%, TEN 17.7% and SBS just 3.3%.

Aside from X Factor, Seven News was 1.05m / 1.03m, Home and Away was 902,000, The Blacklist was 604,000 and Million Dollar Minute was 535,000. A repeat of The Big Adventure was 141,000.

The Big Bang Theory (1.13m / 1.01m) was best for Nine then Nine News (1.07m / 943,000), A Current Affair (907,000), Big Brother (653,000), Hot Seat (532,000) and Embarrassing Bodies (301,000).

Australian Story (901,000) continues to power for ABC then Four Corners (840,000), ABC News (776,000), 7:30 (744,000), Media Watch (666,000) and Q & A (595,000 / 70,000).

The Project managed to stop TEN from a disappointing night with 1.00m / 659,000 although it strategically ran overtime with its Bachelor interview, as a deliberate ploy against the competition. Gold Coast Cops was 684,000, TEN Eyewitness News was 597,000, Territory Cops was 590,000, Party Tricks is struggling at just 407,000 and Homeland was only 225,000.

Even by their own standards it was a tough night for SBS: The Island with Bear Grylls (153,000), What’s Wrong with our Weather? (128,000), Housos (122,000), SBS World News (99,000) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (92,000).

7TWO’s Judge John Deed topped multichannels at 308,000.

Sunrise: 359,000
Today: 284,000
ABC News Breakfast: 93,000 / 48,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 20 October 2014

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  1. Quite a few people on the X Factor Facebook page commented that they weren’t going to watch the finale because Reigan was eliminated. Whether they did or not is another story, though. Just putting it out there.

  2. Seeming as I got on here the other day and was vocal about my disappointment in Party Tricks, I thought it only fair that I comment again today to say that last nights episode definitely improved. I implore people who were wanning not to give up on it just yet. Cause we do need to support Aussie dramas!

  3. I watched The Big Adventure last night well 10mins anyways. Wow people said it was bad here yesterday but thought i’d give it a go, you were all right I struggled to watch 10mins of it.

  4. I thought the third episode of Party Tricks was actually the most interesting so far. The writing and acting is strong when it comes to the personal/family side (which came to the fore last night), but the political side is not overly convincing or compelling.

    Because Ollie’s partner is a journalist, I can’t help but be reminded of Ollie from the Thick of It who’s ex-girlfriend was a journalist. But that’s pretty much where the similarity ends. Really love the scenes between Ollie and Tom.

  5. The only thing to read in to the Blacklist numbers is that Seven clearlythought the X Factor Winner Announced number would be a lot higher! therefore pulling through to the usual mill for Blacklist no matter how late. Nevertheless, it will bounce right back next ep.
    I’m calling low 7’s for its Big Adventure lead in next week though!

  6. Gold Coast Cops doing OK for Ten.

    I just feel Party Tricks with its State based political plot turns many off. This country is sitting an all time low over the last 3-5 years as far as quality political leaders is concerned. There are not many politicians the general public admire or like….no matter what side of politics people vote for. And for it to very much have a Victorian focus….I feel just limits the potential audience.

    Therefore I am just overly interested.

  7. Maybe the reason for not having so many viewers last night could be the fact it looks like the winner was announced on facebook in Queensland before being shown in other states so people then changed channels as they knew the result.

  8. I didn’t bother with the third episode of Party Tricks. Was a promising first episode but the second episode was slow with nothing happening until David and Kate finally met in the last five minutes. Just wasn’t that interesting

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