Monster Presents movies on C31

2014-10-11_0057Rarely seen Australian B-grade horror movies will screen on C31 Melbourne in the lead up to Monster Fest 2014.

Titles includes The Nullarbor Nymph, 25th Reich, Beckoning the Butcher, the series is sure to please horror fans and Ozploitation buffs.

Monster Presents… is a six-part series of films to be broadcast at 10:30pm on Sunday nights from October 12, to be followed by Midnight Scream, a 10 part series of Monster Fest films which will screen at midnight each night during the Festival, November 20 to 29.

C31 continues to support and broadcast a diverse range of Australian content that the commercial networks ignore. Community television occupies a unique place on the Australian television spectrum, a fact which Communications Minister appears to have ignored as he recently announced that all Australian community television broadcasters would be forced onto the internet at the end of 2015.

An outpouring of support from industry professionals, TV personalities and the viewing public has the community television sector hopeful of a more positive outcome. The sector looks forward to a process of consultation with the Minister and the Department in an effort to find a pathway for stations to survive into the future.

Monster Presents starts Sunday October 12 at 10:30pm with Murderdrome.


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