More international versions for My Kitchen Rules

NZ, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, UK, Lithuania, Serbia -MKR is serving up the territories.

2014-10-30_1218Seven-devised format My Kitchen Rules has been racking up the international format sales including New Zealand, Denmark and French speaking Belgium with further deals under discussion in Canada and Norway.

In Flemish speaking Belgium all five seasons of the finished programme have sold to VMMA/VTM as well as six seasons of the My Kitchen Rules predecessor My Restaurant Rules being produced for Flemish speaking Belgium.

But in New Zealand, it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. While the Aussie version has scored, the local NZ adaptation has been beaten by MasterChef and The Block.

MKR has also been produced locally in Canada (French speaking), Lithuania, Serbia and the United Kingdom.

To date the finished series has sold to over 160 countries including United Kingdom (Sky), Canada (W Network & Gusto! TV), Asia (NBC), Eastern Europe (SET), Germany (Turner), Latin America (Discovery), Middle East (Fox & Gem) and Netherlands (SBS).

Seven’s Director of Network Production, Brad Lyons, said: “We are delighted that this format continues to resonate in so many territories. We are immensely proud of it and pleased to be working with Endemol in expanding My Kitchen Rules’ presence in the global market-place.”

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  1. Thanks for that Rutzie. It’s strange that Adam and Lisa who won last season of House Rules flew from Melbourne to Sydney to appear at the presentation, but not Bree and Jessica who won last season of MKR. Why were Sammy and Bella invited?

  2. I’ve seen the UK version and it only lasts about 2 weeks which is much better than dragging it out for 3 months like ch7 do. By the time it gets half way through you are sick to death of it

  3. For New Zealand, I think you are incorrect. This graph at Throng (throng.co.nz/2014/10/ratings-mkrnz-vs-block-nz-week-7/ ) shows MKR beating The Block NZ every night except one.

    MKR NZ is constantly the number four show each night (the first three every night are nearly always One News, Seven Sharp, and Shortland Street)

    It is true that Masterchef NZ did rate higher (by about 100k), but that screened on Sunday and Monday, not Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday as MKR NZ did.

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