Multichannels drive Seven to Wednesday win

Ratings: 7TWO pulls out a big fat 7.6% share as viewers are uninspired by much of what's on primary channels.

2014-10-23_0958Viewers are still sending networks messages that they are uninspired by much of what’s on offer.

How do we know? Just one show scored above a million viewers, but there were sizeable audiences moving to multichannels.

7TWO pulled out a 7.6% share thanks to A Touch of Frost at 362,000 and Rosemary and Thyme on 284,000. GO! also scored 5.9% with a Big Bang episode (331,000) outranking one on Nine.

SBS also has ongoing concerns with its News, now just 88,000.

Seven network won the night with a 34.0% share, well clear of Nine 26.7%, ABC 18.7%, TEN 16.7% and SBS 3.9%.

The Force (1.13m) was the only show above one million viewers. Next for Seven were Border Security (961,000), Seven News (956,000 / 930,000), Home and Away (907,000), Criminal Minds (787,000 / 580,000), Million Dollar Minute (477,000). Grimm was 132,000 in 4 cities and 50 Years of Homicide was 81,000 in Melbourne.

Nine News was 937,000 / 919,000. Next for Nine were A Current Affair (785,000), David Attenborough’s Life (617,000), Hot Seat (476,000), and a Big Bang Theory repeat (320,000).

The Chaser’s Media Circus (759,000) spent a second week as ABC’s best on Wednesday, dropping slightly from 817,000. ABC News (751,000), 7:30 (679,000) and Shaun Micallef’s Mad as Hell (649,000) followed then a truly heartwarming episode of Julia Zemiro’s Home Delivery (501,000) with Wendy Harmer.  QI was 426,00 and At the Movies was 358,000.

The Project was 551,000 / 399,000 for TEN then TEN Eyewitness News (538,000) and Wonderland (447,000). The Millers struggled on 317,000 / 316,000 and The Good Wife was 258,000.

It was tough too on SBS ONE with Wildest Islands (166,000), I Bought My Own Rainforest (146,000), SBS World News (88,000) and Salamander (53,000).

Sunrise: 356,000
Today: 310,000
ABC News Breakfast: 71,000 / 38,000

OzTAM Overnights: Wednesday 22 October 2014

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  1. @David – agree. The mutichannels are pulling viewers away. I don’t think that is a bad thing. Providing the networks are monetizing it well.

    Shows like The Block are pulling 1.3 million. 5 years ago it would have pulled 1.8 million.

    Everything is down. A flop used to be 750k. Now it’s the millers and 350k,

    There will always be duds of shows.

    I’m just not sure what kind of programming you are suggesting networks air to inspire viewers and rate (that is the goal)

    Australian TV takes the highest rating US series. And has some high rating Aussie shows like Block, Voice, MC, Offspring, Chasers, ABC comedies.

    What else should they be providing? We even get premium US fare like Homeland they Americans have to pay for on FTA.

    I think it’s all relative to the environment. Viewers today are no less taken with TV that they were 10 years ago. It;s just 10 years ago…

  2. David, how do we know viewers are “uninspired” by what’s on offer?

    What sort of programming are you suggesting world be inspiring?

    I mean lasy night we had nine news and seven news. Which before news 24, sky news, news at 3,4,5, the Internet and news in people’s palms all day long – pulled huge audiences. FF and the project offer real alternatives. Big Bang is the # sitcom in the world. Home away is massively popular still. The good wife is a brilliant drama. As is criminal minds. And David Attenborough makes incredible TV. I mean, is it that bad? What are you suggesting networks air?

    I think audiences for network shows are down not because of lack of quality. But because of the explosion of options.

    10 new digital networks. DVR penetration at 60%. Over 100 cable channels. Foxtel go. Foxtel Xbox. Tbox. Illegal downloading. Catxh up services from all big 5 networks. The options…

    1. Agree with the many choices, hence the headline noting multichannels powering, it suggests they are not as taken by primary channel offerings. Daylight saving is also a big factor. But in the same environment we see shows like The Block still pulling devoted viewers. Good Wife is excellent, but many of us watching it on PVR. The drop for Attenborough suggests viewers are realising they have seen it before on ABC. Big Bang works well for premieres, the rest is filler. The Millers struggling to make 300,000 at 7:30 when The Project has proven it can get big numbers at 7PM, again suggests audiences are not taken by it. I wouldn’t call Criminal Minds brilliant drama. Dependable sure, but Fargo is brilliant. Happy Valley is brilliant. Seven has had a crack at grabbing our imagination with The Big Adventure, but it is yet to pay off.

  3. @stevie g: Yeah that was annoying to, alot of ABC’s shows ran over time, and The Agony of Life didnt even show on its timeslot, Lateline got pushed instead! Should also note thou the Gough Witlam docu last night definitely put a spanner in the works.

  4. Why TEN are persisting with The Millers again is beyond me, it tanked once and they yanked it off the air and it’s doing it again. It’s first run content on ELEVEN or late night filler at best. I agree that Scorpion should be moved to Wednesday nights into that timeslot, it’s current time is far too early IMO.

    I never watched Wonderland last year but found myself tuning in this year to the remaining episodes of Season 1. To be honest, I’m pretty invested in the show now and am actually enjoying the current series so far.

  5. If I was programming, which i am not and would not wish to, I too would move Scorpion to Wed at 7.30.

    As for Wonderland I did not like the first series much but this one is growing on me and the figures of around the 500k mark are not great but you look at the Good Wife which is brilliant drama. It is time that more boxes are out there as I really do not believe these figures as everyone I know watches the Good Wife, but is not reflected in thse figures.

  6. Yes, last night’s ep of Home Delivery with Wendy Harmer was truly heartwarming.
    Have always found her a bit strident but clearly a lovely, soft , (but incredibly strong), lady underneath it all.

    This season of HD has been wonderful so far – Julia is a really skilful, empathetic interviewer and the informal context really brings out the best in her subjects.

  7. I said last week that The Millers is an inane US sitcom that does not resonate with Australian audiences en masse – and I am surprised they have kept it in the slot – however, surely Ten’s programming attempts are far better than the dross served up nightly by Nine – Big Brother, BBT repeats and virtually no first run drama or comedy series – in all of the hours of the week, they only have Arrow, Gotham and a new BBT – that is all – pathetic programming. And not one first run drama or comedy series on Go or Gem.

    Maybe they have no output deals with any US or UK networks??

  8. I recoded Julia’s Home Delivery last night, but had about 10 minutes cut off at the end due to the previous show running way over time. Not what I expected from abc. Looks like I won’t be voting Aunty as the most reliable network in next years audience inventory.

  9. Is Channel Ten really going to perservere with Wonderland? It’s not adult drama and it shouldn’t be in that time slot. The lunatics have really taken over the asylum in there. Don’t any of them understand drama?

  10. tomothyd – not here the Millers are likely to be adding the Wonderland’s woes as well ….. Wonderland is an above average production, showing the most scenic images of Coogee beach, and it really is worth giving it a shot as there are a lot of upcoming classy Australian actors on it …. shame for the lead in ……

  11. Looks like viewers realized they’d already seen David Attenborough’s Life and tuned out. Expect to see TBBT repeats there next week or there’s a slim chance they might move BB to 7.30pm instead.

  12. TEN must have absolutely nothing left in the cupboard if they insist on showing The Millers on the primary channel in a key time slot. The commercials alone are enough to turn viewers away from it.
    Perhaps Scorpion should move to Wednesdays and and fill the Sunday slot with one of their many David Attenborogh documentaries.

  13. Am I reading these numbers right David. Did Family Fued on 10 actually beat Seven News in Sydney last night? Appreciate that it is simulcast on 3 channels, but still, not a good look for what was once the dominant news channel.

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