No Big Brother on Friday, Sunday.

Sam Evicion Brobes - 24Big Brother has shrunk in the Nine schedule once again.

Despite initial plans to screen Friday night at the earlier time of 7:30pm it has now been replaced with a 1995 James Bond repeat, Goldeneye.

It is also out of schedule on Sunday night for the second week running.

Last Sunday it was out due to a double Gotham premiere. This Sunday, Nine has the 2011 film The Girl with Dragon Tattoo at 9:30pm.

That effectively means three days of ‘silence’ for BB fans across Friday, Saturday and Sunday for what has traditionally been a 6 nights a week show.

Last week producer Alex Mavroidakis told TV Tonight he would prefer a “consistent timeslot” and cited “too many” storylines and not enough time to tell them.

Last night the show returned to an earlier 7:30pm timeslot yet still ranked lower than the preceding Tuesday, down from 677,00 to 628,000 in Total People.

The show still ranked in the 16-39 and 18-49 year old demos with the network declaring it “Australia’s No. 1 Program” in those demos.

Just not on Fridays and Sundays, perhaps?


  1. Channel 10 should pick it up next year. At least there might be a BB up late. What annoys me this year is half the show is repeating the night before. Also I don’t want to watch Sonia walk down the aisle every night and try and be funny. She only needs to be there once a week for evictions. The show is incredibly dragged on. Bad effort channel 9. Ur slippin bitches

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