No Big Brother on Friday, Sunday.

Sam Evicion Brobes - 24Big Brother has shrunk in the Nine schedule once again.

Despite initial plans to screen Friday night at the earlier time of 7:30pm it has now been replaced with a 1995 James Bond repeat, Goldeneye.

It is also out of schedule on Sunday night for the second week running.

Last Sunday it was out due to a double Gotham premiere. This Sunday, Nine has the 2011 film The Girl with Dragon Tattoo at 9:30pm.

That effectively means three days of ‘silence’ for BB fans across Friday, Saturday and Sunday for what has traditionally been a 6 nights a week show.

Last week producer Alex Mavroidakis told TV Tonight he would prefer a “consistent timeslot” and cited “too many” storylines and not enough time to tell them.

Last night the show returned to an earlier 7:30pm timeslot yet still ranked lower than the preceding Tuesday, down from 677,00 to 628,000 in Total People.

The show still ranked in the 16-39 and 18-49 year old demos with the network declaring it “Australia’s No. 1 Program” in those demos.

Just not on Fridays and Sundays, perhaps?


  1. Goldeneye the best! Much better than this season of BB.
    Love all of Pierce Brosnan’s Bond films, my favourite is Die Another Day although many people think it is the worst with is overuse of CGI – I will keep my eyes open for when that one is on 🙂

  2. I stopped watching BB a couple of weeks ago for the first time since series 1, mostly because I found myself bored and also because of the commitment to so many hours of it.
    I didn’t mind Nines reboot of the series for the first 2 seasons, but this year somethings missing. (interesting housemates maybe…)
    Nine should stop trying so hard and simplify things.
    I watched some of series 1 on YouTube recently and the show was a completely different beast. Back then the dairy room chair was…wait for it… just a chair. Not some winged creation designed to be a talking point.
    It just goes to show that no matter how much you bling up the house, or create ridiculous tasks, or manipulate housemates, it means squat when your missing the whole point of the show.

  3. I was in The States a couple of months ago and their BB is painful to watch. There are no story lines. No BB voice. It all revolves around schemes to have others evicted housemates making annoying scripted pieces to camera in the diary room.

  4. Shows like BB have extremely loyal fans but we can only take so much. You’d think that Nine wouldn’t want to annoy the few viewers it has left. Fix this Nine, we want:
    At least 5 episodes a week.
    Friday night games.
    A regular time slot. Please have it sorted for next year.

  5. Mrs Butterface

    If you say Friday’s being dropped I believe it is. It’s just odd to me that Foxtel hasn’t adjusted their guide yet as they’re normally really quick with scheduling changes.

  6. Mrs Butterface

    Both Foxtel and yourtv are showing BB on this Friday at 7:30 on 9. Same for Melbourne and Sydney. Followed by a repeat of BBT and then Contagion.

  7. Channel 9 did this to themselves by starting with the later timeslot. I know it does great in the demos but David do you think there is any chance it will be renewed? I hope they do but I doubt it.

  8. All these comments about BB- maybe it was the casting this year? & I think BB is being a bit too nice this year. Look I still am enjoying the show I am a fan, I think Sonia is a great host and does a great job with a fantastic personality!!

  9. daveinprogress

    Too much soap; too little task/twist/fun shown. Endless romance and gossip. The nominations (the most fascinating part for me) have been reduced to a couple of sharply edited segments. Character studies, which is what this show offers as potential has been hamstrung by the choices this season and as a result has felt bland and largely uninteresting. Very little is known about Ryan, Jason and Priya. The interactive tasks ans twists have been in the past the devices for fleshing them out and flushing the below the radar sitters out.

  10. Wow. This is a total mess. Can they not even put it on go or gem?

    Just pull it now, it’s just getting ridiculous the way it’s being treated might as well not even have it at all.

    They can’t show us any updates on the website and the TV programming just gets worse and worse. Just end it, rather than go through with this rubbish if it’s the way they’re going to go about it.

  11. Not a fan of this show myself but it being on 6 nights was too much. Glad to see this change in scheduling.

    Just a shame that Channel 9 is insisting on playing all the James Bond movies instead. I am sure there is something better to put on instead.

    Maybe they could look at finishing off The Mentalist series or even CSI which have been left hanging.

  12. I doubt BB will be renewed next year, considering that they could get the same ratings from Big Bang repeats at 7.30. All these programming moves and ratings stunts just emphasise Nines lack of confidence in the series.

  13. @Bogues, “Given how things have been going so far, I dont think there will be a next year.”

    I very much doubt it as well.
    Unless they drastically reinvent themselves and possiby return to Ten, this will be he last we see of Aus BB.

  14. Sonia may have given away to the house that the first eviction was fake last night as she said during the real eviction and after Travis had already been fake evicted ‘one of you will become tonight’s evictee’. I wonder if any of the housemates picked it up.

  15. Is there a possibility that Big Brother will air on Go like it has the previously? Now would be a perfect time for the producers to realise they’ve stuffed up by not allowing any live feed information and introduce it!

  16. This is so Crap! If they had a better website or Social media updates then maybe it would be ok. But even then we’re missing out on so much house time.

    Especially since Monday night would be an eviction show, so they’ll need to put 3 days worth of footage in between Sonia making crap jokes and doing bland interviews.


  17. I stopped watching Big Brother because of the starting times and the length of the episodes. The longer episodes have made me get reality fatigue as I was watching The Block as well. Now that The Block is finished, I just can’t be bothered watching Big Brother anymore. This season is all about the circus and not enough about the zoo in my opinion.

    I wish they would just do a 30 minute daily show and a sixty minute evictions show. They could air the 30 minute daily show on GO! while having the full show on Nine at the later time.

  18. This series has been a complete disaster from a fans viewpoint. No live tweets, inconsistent schedules, bad story telling and now this.

    Let’s hope they get things right next year.

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