Numbers swing against Party Tricks as Seven takes Monday

Ratings: TEN's political drama loses ground to the other side on what proved to be a strong night for ABC.

2014-10-14_1006TV essentially had its first night without The Block which allowed Seven to grab the night but not without a new Big Bang Theory at least retaining top spot for Nine.

ABC also had a strong showing, but TEN’s Party Tricks found the ratings a bit like political polls with the numbers going against them. It lost 234,000 viewers and fell to fourth in its timeslot. Unlike last week, this time it can’t blame the lead-in which ranked higher. Hopefully it can pick up some swinging viewers through word of mouth.

Seven network won the night with 32.1% then Nine 26.8%, ABC 21.1%, TEN 16.3% and SBS 3.8%.

In breakfast TV Sunrise‘s Miley Cyrus gig delivered.

Without that renovation show against it The X Factor rose to 1.3m viewers for Seven then Seven News (1.12m / 1.02m), Home and Away (969,000), The Blacklist (915,000), Million Dollar Minute (567,000) and Agents of SHIELD (427,000). The Goldbergs was 227,000.

A first-run Big Bang Theory topped the night for Nine at 1.35m, and a repeat was 1.19m. Next were A Current Affair (1.1m) outranking Nine News (1.09m / 1.09m), Big Brother (637,000) and Hot Seat (562,000). Embarrassing Bodies was 269,000.

It was a good night for ABC with Australian Story’s Karise Eden profile at 918,000 then Four Corners (828,000) outranking ABC News (823,000), 7:30 (780,000), Media Watch (694,000) and Q & A (589,000 / 73,000). Who says ABC news shows don’t rate?

TEN Eyewitness News was 631,000 on TEN followed by Gold Coast Cops (617,000), The Project 568,000 / 460,000, Territory Cops (561,000) and Party Tricks (476,000). Homeland was 211,000 in only its second week. Tyrant debuted with 58,000 at 10:30pm.

On SBS ONE The Island with Bear Grylls was best at 182,000 then Sandy: Anatomy of a Superstorm (157,000), SBS World News (148,000), Legally Brown (124,000) and Brooklyn Nine-Nine (87,000).

7TWO’s Judge John Deed led multichannels with 314,000.

Sunrise: 381,000
Today: 321,000
ABC News Breakfast: 80,000 / 44,000.

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 13 October 2014

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  1. I must say I’ve been quite disappointed in Party Tricks. I think because I was really looking forward to it and wanted to like it. But the first episode I could barely pay attention to. I just found it extremely boring. Tried again last night, but ended up flicking around to another station. Perhaps I will give it another go to see if it finds some momentum, but it’ not looking good.

  2. @MuchoTB: I’m a fan of Offspring and while I thought it might be difficult to see Asher Keddie in a different role, I have had no problem adjusting to her going from flighty Nina to serious Kate Ballard MP. I think she plays the part well as does Rodger Corser as her political opponent.

    I think the timeslot, Monday 8.30, does the show no favours however.

  3. As someone who never watched Offspring for more than the occasional scene and always found it over hyped, oversexed and overrated; I didn’t have any issue seeing Asher Keddie as the lead. She seems well cast to me. Is this a case of anyone who loved Offspring not being able to see her as any other character?

  4. Just to clarify MM, in the week from Monday (yesterday) to next Sunday, there are 5 episodes of TBBT on Ch 9. I think you might be counting Go in your total, which I think is a little misleading. I don’t even watch (or like) TBBT, but I think it is best to be accurate with any crusades against a certain channel.

  5. For those of us who are drama junkies – yesterday was the series return of The Walking Dead, Party Tricks, then the series finale of Ray Donovan. So PT does feel very tame sandwiched between those two phenomenal shows. There are a few drama 101 lessons missing from PT – for starters Colin Moody is miscast as Asher’s husband, and there is no triangle tension whatsoever. Her “control” is just dullsville. It cannot continue like last night – there’s no drama.

  6. I am not a political junkie at all but I am enjoying Party Tricks. I thought last night’s episode was better than the debut. Interesting too seeing the Twitter accounts of both “Kate Ballard” and “David McLeod” berating each other as the show is airing, although the episode made specific mention of a meme doing the rounds but the show’s social media producers didn’t actually make one?!? Shame! 🙂

  7. I thought last night’s Party Tricks was better than the first ep. I thought Keddie was more convincing (perhaps getting easier to see Kate rather than Nina in the second outing). If you go by quality programming, 10 and ABC should have ranked 1st and 2nd for the night.

  8. Oh wow, after coming onto to TV tonight I realized I forgot to watch Party Tricks… but going by some of the comments here it seems that my time was better spent on watching Four Corners.

  9. Now the block is finished see that we have TBBT repeats over and over again, in the next week there are 14 episodes scheduled and only one new one. Wonder what would happen to the ratings on 9 if they were to stop showing these.

  10. Party Tricks was just boring last night. Channel Ten Drama has really lost its way and appear to not have a clue. Wonderland, Secrets and Lies and now Party Tricks. Given they don’t make much drama, their strike rate is appalling.

  11. Party Tricks is a poor commissioning call by Ten’s executives and not very well written. When you look at Australian Story it is a wonder no commercial network has not stolen this format, easy viewing, triumph against diversity. Tried and tested. And when you get someone from pop culture such as last night then the commercial audience moves to watch.

  12. Regardless of how bad a show is it will always have a small but devoted following. This load of tosh is one such example. Asher Keddie is a good actress, but is completely unconvincing as the Victorian Premier. As for Rodger, as an actor, he is a fair to middling singer. He was a shocker in Rush and even worse in this.

  13. I watched party tricks last night and last week and thought the show lacks a good compelling storyline for its viewers to stay beyond one or two episodes. It was clearly starting to drag in the 2nd episode.

  14. Homeland is good – but on those numbers will have to find another timeslot. More like 10.30pm numbers…and Tyrant is also in trouble. Shame because at least Ten are trying to provide quality drama programming.

  15. Really wanted to watch Party Tricks, but the signal for channel Ten was awful here in Perth. When the signal was analogue, the worst issue was that the screen went fuzzy. With DTV, the slightest issue seems to stuff the whole screen up. It was impossible to watch Ten, but the other channels were fine.

  16. I always record dramas and watch them later on, as I am doing with Party Tricks. It’s an alright drama I reckon.

    I did catch Homeland last night for the first time and although I have never seen any other episodes, I wish I had. It looks like a very well executed drama and I believe others that have said in the past that it should rate higher.

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